Libya: PM Abdullah Al-Thinni Announces Resignation


Libya’s only internationally recognized legitimate leader, Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni, has announced his resignation.

His Cabinet, working from hotel rooms in the eastern city of Tobruk and before that, in Benghazi, after armed insurgent groups seized the capital of Tripoli one year ago, has been criticized as ineffective in stopping Libya’s violence. The House of Representatives, installed in a Tobruk hotel, moved to a nearby naval base in December 2014 after a suicide bomber attacked the hotel.

He announced his intent to formally resign Tuesday during a television interview in which he answered questions from angry citizens.

“If I’m the obstacle to this nation, then my resignation will be submitted,” he said on the privately owned Libya Channel.

His resignation adds chaos to a situation, four years after the regime of Muammar Ghaddafi was overthrown, in which Libya has two competing governments, each with a coalition of armed militias.

Daesh (ISIS) has also made inroads and alliances in the country, which has the largest proven oil reserves in Africa. The government in Tripoli, while not recognized by the international community, controls most key ministries and state offices. Rival factions control parts of most Libyan cities, and citizens have complained about safety and shortages of fuel and medical supplies.

By Ed Adamczyk

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