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Chandra Motik: Strengthening Maritime Law In Indonesia – OpEd


Nirmala Chandra Motik Yusuf is a South Sumatran born woman, 67 years ago and who is still nimble, always looks beautiful and shows her gentle words in her speech. In every sigh, there is always a thought to share with others, a charity, especially those who desperately need a helping hand in this pandemic situation. Her social spirit is honed from her own family environment, where her beloved father, Basyaruddin Rahman Motik or known as BR Motik, taught her to do good things to those who need. BR Motik was a well-known national figure from South Sumatra who, during Indonesian struggle, was directly involved in the nation movement, including through the Indonesian Warung Bangsa Association.

Chandra inherits her late father’s fighting spirit and forging her to become a tough woman who, in her daily life struggling in the field of law. Chandra said that the Maritime Security Agency (locally known as Bakamla), which is coordinated by the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, has the task of conducting security and safety patrols in Indonesian territorial waters and Indonesian jurisdiction based on Presidential Regulation No. 178 of 2014 concerning Maritime Security Agency.By joining all agencies, both human resources and defense equipment into one, she believes that Bakamla can work more optimally as the only body responsible for security in Indonesian seas with one command.

According to Chandra, law enforcement and handling of maritime problems will be achieved through the integration and synergy in maritime activities. Therefore, the synergy is started from regulation to implementation and needs to be carried out by the government together with the Parliament. 

Chandra who adores flowers and often puts a yellow frangipani flower on her right ear is a loving mother and wife of Yusuf Djemat taking care of her family, writing traditional food and pastries book of Bumi Sriwijaya and the scope regions which are included in the Southern part of Sumatra. People know her as a charitable person and she joins Rotary Club International in Indonesia, in order to assist others through her social activities. 

In her Poetry world, she has produced two books of poetry anthology with other Indonesian poets. Keep on sailing until you meet foreign ships that enter Indonesian waters without permission and continue to fly in the blue sky like the seagulls watching their children in the sky and in the Indonesian oceans.

Note: KARTINI is the name of Indonesian hero who encouraged  woman emancipation and at this time, mostly Indonesian women who have achieved their aim and give the advantages for other women are proudly called as Kartini.

*Nia Amira, is a distinguished author, journalist and linguist from Indonesia. She writes on cultural, international affairs, multiculturalism and religious studies. Her articles have appeared in over thirty newspapers that are published in Europe, Asia and United States.

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