Sri Lanka To Hold Survey Of Fishing, Marine Resources


Sri Lanka’s Minister of Fisheries Mahinda Amaraweera said that an extended survey of marine resources within the Sri Lankan sea area is due to be conducted again, after 38 years from the first marine resources investigation conducted in Sri Lanka in 1978.

The objectives of the survey will be the assessment of fish stocks, conservation of certain species of fish at threat of extinction, collection of data of the fish species which need extended farming, and gathering information of other aquatic species and aquatic plants.

The survey is planned to be implemented with the collaboration of Fisheries Ministry, NARA and the Norwegian Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries. The Minister officially visited Norway in August and the matters related to this marine survey was highly noted there.

Accordingly, Norway has consented to providing Sri Lanka with world’s largest vessel deployed in marine resources investigations. The vessel, RV-Dr. Fridtjof Nansen is fully equipped with the latest technology used in marine resources investigations. This vessel with its length of 550 ft and width of 200 ft will be employed for the investigation purposes of marine resources in SriLankan waters for 2 years, said the Minister.

The survey will be fully funded by the Norwegian government and will be initiated in next January with a view to developing fisheries industry in Sri Lanka and the government of Norway has expressed their full consent .

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