A Single EU Permit And Clear Set Of Rights For Legal Migrant Workers


The European Parliament adopted Tuesday the so-called Single Permit Directive. The new legislation will simplify migration procedures and ensure that workers from countries outside the EU, legally residing in a Member State, will enjoy a common set of rights on equal footing with nationals.

Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner responsible for Home Affairs, said, “I am very pleased that this Directive has finally been adopted, as it will certainly simplify the life of migrants applying to reside and work in the EU.”

According to Malmström, “The Directive will ensure a one-stop-shop system, thereby accelerating administrative procedures both for the future employer and the migrant. It will also ensure that migrant workers receive equal treatment with EU nationals as regards working conditions, recognition of educational and professional qualifications, taxation, vocational training and access to social security, including unemployment benefits and the transfer of acquired pensions.”

Malmström added: This is an important step in facilitating legal migration, as well as in ensuring rights for migrants who are legally working and contributing to the cultural richness of our societies and the strength of our economy. For the first time in the area of legal migration, the Council and the Parliament have been involved as co-legislators on an equal basis. I am particularly glad that it resulted in a balanced compromise ensuring a rights-based approach. This is also promising in view of future legislation, including the Directives on seasonal workers and Intra-corporate transferees.”

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