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Pakistan Trial Court To Decide CIA’s Raymond Davis Immunity Case


A Pakistani court Monday discharged all applications regarding US citizen Raymond Davis’ immunity and ruled that it would be determined by the trial court, freeing itself of giving any final decision in this regard.

Chief Justice Chauhdary Aijaz of the Lahore High Court giving ruling in three petitions filed against Raymond Davis’ immunity said that the decision in this regard will be taken by the trial court, hearing the murder case of three Pakistanis, committed by Davis.

Deputy Attorney General Naveed Malik submitted Foreign Office’s reply to the court’s earlier queries and stated in it that Raymond Davis was issued official business visa at the request of the US government. However, the Foreign Office’s reply did not clearly stated whether Davis hold diplomatic immunity or not.

Pakistani-US relations have hit the lowest since the two countries re-entered into security and strategic cooperation in 2001. Davis has been held for killing three Pakistanis and put on trial in Adiala Jail. However, the US has been insisting that Davis is a diplomat and hence enjoys diplomatic immunity.

The US media reports have revealed that Davis is a covert CIA contractor and had contacts with Taliban militants in Pakistan.

The wife of one of the killed Pakistanis committed suicide upon hearing false reports that the government has decided to release Davis.


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