Syria Violence Down But Not Finished


In the aftermath of the introduction of a fragile cease-fire, the UN and the Arab League envoy Kofi Annan called for a “humanitarian access”. Some violations were reported in spite of the Annan Plan. Tanks and troops are still deployed in cities and in some places blocking access to mosques.

To consolidate the cease-fire, the UN intends to send a mission of observers. A resolution to that effect could be adopted on Friday by the Security Council. Russia and China are not expected to use their veto right.

Five civilians killed, according to an NGO. Four protesters were killed by security forces firing on protesters in Hama, in Nawa in the province of Deraa (south) and in Salqine in Idleb province (northwest). A fifth civilian was killed by a stray bullet fired by security forces in the outskirts of Damascus, according to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

In Aleppo (north), a young man was critically wounded by gunfire at demonstrators which ended with the arrest of 17 people. For its part, the official SANA news agency has reported four people were killed by “terrorist groups”.

The cease-fire has also been undermined by fighting between soldiers and deserters in the region of Idleb, near the Turkish border. But no victims were reported in this clash.

ON Thursday, the SOHR reported 10 dead, including seven civilians.

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