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Snowden: MOAB Destroyed Afghan Bunker Built By CIA – OpEd


Destroying evidence? The US just spent $314 million to destroy the Islamic terrorist cave complex which the CIA built with help from Bin Laden.

The media is awash with enthusiastic reports that the US military has employed the largest conventional bomb ever designed, the Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb or “MOAB” (18,000 lbs. of explosive, 22,000 lbs. total weight) on a cave-bunker complex in near Tora Bora in Afghanistan – the same place Osama bin Laden was supposedly hiding not long after 9-11.

The US says the complex was being used by ISIS.

US President Trump is receiving credit for the bombing, both from supporters and opponents (including former supporters), though he told the press he did not personally give the order.

Nevertheless, the bombing seems to fit into Trump’s declared strategy for fighting terrorism, described below (from 0:36 seconds).

Only one thing is being left out of the media reports. How did ISIS (or al Qaeda, or the Mujahadeen, or whichever Islamic terrorists the US is secretly backing this week) get such a wonderful bunker complex to begin with? Ed Snowden reminds us of the answer:

So $314 million to destroy, and untold millions more to build.

Are we seeing how the military-industrial complex works yet?


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