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Powers Wait For ‘Concrete Steps’ From Iran


Iran should engage in substantive negotiations on its nuclear program and allow access to its sites, personnel and information related to this program, said Monday the deputy director of the International Agency for the Energy Agency (IAEA). These comments were made as the UN agency began two days of talks with the Islamic Republic at the headquarters of the Iranian diplomatic mission in Vienna. These discussions should test the will of Tehran to respond to suspicions raised by UN inspectors ahead of the scheduled meeting May 23 in Baghdad with the group of “Six” powers (U.S., Russia, China, France and Britain, plus Germany).

“The purpose of these two days is to reach an agreement on an approach (that would) resolve all outstanding issues with Iran, clarification about possible military dimensions remain our top priority,” said Herman Nackaerts , IAEA Deputy Director, upon his arrival to the talks.

“It is important now to engage in substance on these issues and that Iran gives us access to people, documents, information and sites” related to nuclear activities, said the head of the IAEA delegation .

The representatives of the IAEA have left the premises of the Iran’s diplomatic mission on 1300 GMT, after five hours of discussion, without comment. The spokesman for the agency announced that the talks would resume Tuesday.

In Brussels, where EU ministers met for to discuss foreign affairs, the British Foreign Secretary William Hague warned Iran of new sanctions by the EU if no concrete measures are takes to allay the fears of the international community vis-à-vis its nuclear program. “We are now waiting for concrete proposals and actions by Iran,” he told reporters. “Otherwise we have of course the sanctions we have imposed. They will not only be applied, but gradually strengthened.”

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