President Hollande’s Visit To Morocco To Provide Fresh Impetus To Excellent Relations – OpEd


French President François Hollande will pay a working and friendly visit to Tangier (north of Morocco) on September 19 at the invitation of King Mohammed VI. This visit will be a convenient venue to highlight the longstanding friendship between Morocco and France , underpinned by strong political, economic, defense and people-to-people cooperation.

President Hollande’s visit is a landmark event and is expected to provide a fresh impetus to the existing excellent bilateral relations between the two countries. A dominant theme of this visit will be the spelling out by the two leaders of a joint vision of their relationship for the next decade. It will provide a roadmap for enhancing the partnership between the two countries to qualitatively new levels. It will have a strong focus on redefining the economic partnership between Morocco and France.

The two countries enjoy today what we call a special and strategic partnership. France is known as a close friend and key ally of Morocco. This has been strengthened considerably over decades in important and diverse areas.

This year witnessed the powerful bilateral relations between France and Morocco and confirmed the continuity of their agreement on major world issues. The quality of the dialogue maintained at the highest level and the shared desire to put their exemplary partnership on a more ambitious trajectory will be the focus of the upcoming state visit of the French President François Hollande to Tangier. In fact the two countries have witnessed not only in statements but through commitments, agreements and common road map for the future, the strength of their multifaceted ties, their reciprocal commitments to move forward.

President Hollande has always reaffirmed France’s commitment to the friendship with Morocco and has always emphasized its uniqueness through the many links between the two countries.

On many occasions the head of the French government welcomed the process of democratic reform, economic and social progress in the Kingdom at the initiative of HM King Mohammed VI and solemnly declared that France stands for the excellent ties with Morocco and congratulates it for choosing the path economic modernization and the consolidation of rule of law.

King has also always commended the quality of the strategic partnership between Morocco and France that has benefited not only the two nations but the whole region.

As for the political aspect, this presidential visit is expected to continue in a spirit of cooperation and convergence of views on key world issues.

Undoubtedly, this upcoming President Hollande working visit will reinforce the strategic dialogue and will benefit the economy of both countries. Many observers are looking forward to the outcome of this visit especially on international issues where both countries have shown a full coordination and convergence of views. So concretely speaking what are the actions and initiatives that both countries will take in an effort to resolve key and pending international conflicts either in subsahran Africa or the Middle East.

Said Temsamani

Said Temsamani is a Moroccan political observer and consultant, who follows events in his country and across North Africa. He is a member of Washington Press Club.

One thought on “President Hollande’s Visit To Morocco To Provide Fresh Impetus To Excellent Relations – OpEd

  • September 15, 2015 at 9:05 am

    Bla bla know France is no more the same as under Chirac or Sarkozy,the PS is always anti-moroccan,and so Hollande is the Algerians man.
    Morocconews is waiting for 2017 to havehave a better president from the right.


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