A ‘Humanitarian’ Gaza Ceasefire: So Hamas Can Plant More IEDs – OpEd


Jews have lived in what’s now Israel for 4,000 years, even after the Romans sacked Jerusalem 1,953 years ago. Christians have been there 2,000 years; Muslims for 1,400 years. Israel became a nation in 1948.

But despite losing several wars, many Palestinians refuse to accept the Jewish state. Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007, killed anyone who opposed its rule, and launched Islamist indoctrination against Jews and Israel. It stole humanitarian aid money to buy ammunition and build military tunnels, and launched thousands of rockets into Israeli communities.

These actions reflect Hamas’s charter, which says “Islam will destroy Israel.” Indeed, every Muslim is obligated to help liberate the “lost land of Palestine” because, having once been Islamic, Israel must be restored as an Islamic endowment or waqf.

On October 7, a Jewish holy day, Hamas terrorists slaughtered 1,400 Israeli, Thai, Filipino and Nepalese civilians. They shot and maimed 5,400 others.

They beheaded babies or burned them alive in their cribs. Wiped out entire families. Gunned down 260 young people at a peace concert. Raped women and girls on top of and next to dead friends. Mutilated live people and corpses and tried to chop a man’s head off with a garden hoe.

They cold-bloodedly murdered caregivers from a hospital that tends to injured, wounded and disabled Jewish, Arab, Bedouin, Druz, Christian and other people.

Hamas butchers sliced open a 4-months pregnant woman, took out her baby and stabbed him to death in front of her and her children. Then they shot the mother in front of the children and murdered them. In another house, they put a little baby in an oven and baked him alive.

They tied a mother and her young child together with wire, soaked them with gasoline and burned them alive. Their remains were turned to charcoal so totally that forensics couldn’t extract DNA to identify them and couldn’t even tell what the black lump was until they had an MRI.

In yet another home, they murdered the husband and gouged his eyes out, then cut his wife’s breasts off and chopped his daughter’s leg off, leaving them to bleed to death. (see hereherehere and here)

They laughed and shouted “Allahu Akbar” as they raged, tortured, butchered, pillaged – and filmed it all on their cell phones and GoPros, while embedded “photojournalists” also recorded their savagery. 

Then they fled back to Gaza, dragging 240 women, children, babies and elderly people with them into their 300 miles of tunnels – to use them as human shields, “martyrs,” so that Israeli attempts to engage the terrorists would kill hostages and Palestinian civilians.

Well over half of Gaza’s population supports Hamas and other terrorist groups. Thousands of Gazans laughed and cheered when Hamas hauled its kidnap victims back into Gaza. Many others detest Hamas and have no desire to be martyred.

Israel still warns Palestinian civilians to leave before attacking Hamas positions, even though that often means terrorists can slip away before bombs fall. What other army does that?

Hamas has never built one bomb shelter for Gazans. It prevents civilians from leaving Gaza City and shoots many who try to flee. It wants to continue using dead and injured civilians as propaganda tools with gullible, compliant and complicit media.

Senior Hamas leaders praised the October 7 atrocities and vowed that their “militants” and “martyrs” will carry out many more massacres, until Israelis are eradicated from all “Palestinian lands.” Like mobs on campuses and in streets, they proclaim “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Put more bluntly and honestly, they mean every acre from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea will be cleansed of Jews (and other infidels) – in a genocidal bloodbath and mass expulsion of survivors.

Hamas leaders are “proud to sacrifice martyrs” to achieve these ends, fulfill their charter and establish a shariah caliphate across the region.

But meanwhile, the “international community” demands a “humanitarian” ceasefire. Hamas also wants a ceasefire – though not because they’ve suddenly been converted to humanitarian principles. Hamas wants time to steal food from UN convoys, rearm, shore up tunnels, find new hiding places for snipers and hostages, plant mines and IEDs, and prepare ambushes, to kill Israeli soldiers.

Pro-Hamas mobs also claim Gazan civilian death tolls are disproportionate to those inflicted by Hamas.

What, pray tell, is “proportionate” to those carefully planned, methodical Hamas atrocities?

What is “disproportionate,” when Gazan casualties are due to Hamas using civilians as human shields, human sacrifices, willing or unwilling martyrs? When they’re due to Hamas deliberately putting legitimate military targets – terrorists, weapons, munitions, rocket launchers and ambush sites – inside, next to and underneath hospitals, schools, daycare centers and homes?

The horrific October 7 atrocities are unprecedented in the history of Arab-Israeli conflicts. They are matched in scope and barbarity only by the Nazis’ Holocaust.

And yet Jew-hating “protesters” have expressed minimal, muted or zero outrage over the October 7 butchery. They’ve said nothing about the years-long killings of tens and hundreds of thousands of Muslims by other Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Kurdish areas and Iran.

How is it that only Israel merits condemnation? Only Israel – the most racially and religiously diverse nation in North Africa and the Middle East – is “apartheid” and “racist” to its minorities? Only Israel is “committing genocide“? Only Israel is forbidden to defend itself in what is clearly a war for its very existence, and for its people’s very survival?

Are US college students and global mobs so brainwashed by sick oppressor-oppressed doctrine, so filled with resurgent, undisguised, too-often countenanced or even encouraged anti-Semitism, that they feel justified, even righteous in praising Hamas atrocities and demanding Israel’s destruction? That almost none of them demands the release of hostages or condemns the systematic October 7 slaughter?

Demonstrations at Poison-Ivy League universities continue to drive Israel- and Jew-hatred, generating outrage and condemnation from many – but collective yawns from school administrators and others. At the University of Maryland, with the fourth largest Jewish student population in the USA, anti-Semitic mobs have screamed for an “Intifada Revolution” and written “Holocaust 2.0!” on sidewalks.

The October 7 blood orgy is one of the worst hate crimes in Jewish history, the worst since the Holocaust. It makes the genocidal intentions of Hamas and many of its “pro-Palestinian” mobs crystal clear.

Strong, unwavering US support for a decisive Israeli victory over Hamas Jihadists would gravely damage Hamas, Iran and other terrorist powers, ambitions and plans. But if Hamas wins this war that its bestial slaughter began – if it even emerges with many terrorists and leaders still alive – global Islamists will conclude that even mighty Israel and the West cannot defeat them. They will think the time has come for total jihad against Israel, and perhaps against the Great American Satan, Europe and the entire West.

Support pro-Israel organizations with your donations and by volunteering; write to elected officials; join the important 2023  March for Israel in Washington, DC or your own area; and help spread the truth about Hamas, the surge in anti-Semitism, and Israel’s right and duty to battle for its survival. 

As Roman politician Cato the Elder might proclaim, Hamas delenda est! Hamas must be destroyed – for the good of Israel, Gazan and other Palestinians … and a safer, more peaceful Middle East and world.

Paul Driessen

Paul Driessen is a senior fellow with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, nonprofit public policy institutes that focus on energy, the environment, economic development and international affairs. During a 25-year career that included staff tenures with the United States Senate, Department of the Interior and an energy trade association, he has spoken and written frequently on energy and environmental policy, global climate change, corporate social responsibility and other topics. He’s also written articles and professional papers on marine life associated with oil platforms off the coasts of California and Louisiana – and produced a video documentary on the subject.

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