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Iran Insists No Nuclear Activity At Parchin Military Site


ranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman has dismissed allegations of nuclear activity at Tehran’s Parchin military site as “propaganda” against the country.


Ramin Mehmanparast commented on some recent Western media reports that accuse Tehran of efforts to sanitize evidence of alleged nuclear activities in Parchin.

“Those who have technical knowledge on nuclear issues would know that such propaganda is unjustifiable as evidences are irremovable from an area with nuclear activity,” he argued.

Mehmanparast maintained that Parchin is solely used for “conventional military activities” and reiterated, “Such media hypes are neither technically tenable nor regarded as a serious issue by any informed individual.”

Mehmanparast referred to the visit by an IAEA mission to Iran in February and pointed out that if the delegation had been patient enough and stayed longer in Iran, it could have inspected Parchin based on a newly agreed modality.

He went on to say that the Iranian side does not oppose another IAEA inspection of Parchin; however such an examination should be conducted within the framework of an agreement between Tehran and the UN nuclear body.


Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman also said UN Rights Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed has used sources provided by criminal and terrorist groups to prepare his latest report on the human rights situation in Iran.

“As long as such measures are taken on political grounds and sources provided to such people [as Ahmed Shaheed]…are supplied by terrorist groups, the result will be nothing better than these false reports,” Ramin Mehmanparast said.

The spokesman added that Iran considers such reports as incorrect and believes this is not a good way to investigate human rights issues.

“Western countries and their terrorist lackeys are the main violators of human rights in our country and we have in our country the highest number of martyrs among scientific and nuclear elite,” he said.

Mehmanparast further stated that Iran is a major victim of terrorist activities.

“Iran acts in a highly responsible manner for the realization of human rights in all countries and many remarkable steps have been taken in our country and we have been, and still are, ready to cooperate with human rights bodies and [the UN] High Commissioner for Human Rights,” he added.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman has also condemned the latest aggression by the Israeli regime against the besieged Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

“The position of the Islamic Republic is crystal clear. We vehemently condemn these crimes. This aggression is rooted in the nature of the Zionist regime (Israel),” Mehmanparast said.

The top Iranian diplomat noted that the latest attacks against the people of Gaza are carried out against the backdrop of a mounting pressure on the resistance movement by the Israeli regime and its allies, warning that Tel Aviv’s new atrocities in the Gaza Strip should serve as an alert to regional countries on the need to strengthen the resistance against the occupying regime.

Mehmanparast cautioned that any developments that aim to undermine the resistance movement in the region, including in Syria, will only benefit the Israeli regime, once again reiterating Iran’s full support for resolving the Syrian crisis through reforms and diplomatic channels.

Mehmanparast also praised the move by the Egyptian parliament to take a stand against the Israeli regime and maintained that Egypt made a rational decision by recalling its ambassador from Israel.

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