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Saudi Arabia’s PMU Seminar Foresees Future Technology


Saudi Aramco Endowed Chair of Technology and Information Management at Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University’s College of Computer Engineering and Science recently organized a one-day seminar on “Advances in Cloud Computing and Business Security.”

Delivering a keynote address, Professor T.R. Gopalakrishnan Nair said: “Cloud is the ideal case to make computing capability a universal utility. Very soon big desktops would vanish with the arrival of intelligent devices supporting high capacity computing available from cloud.”

More than 70 participants comprising of industry experts from Microsoft, VMware, EMC and Saudi Aramco and professors from PMU, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) and other universities attended the deliberations.

The newly-formed Center of Excellence at the university took the initiative to find solutions to problems that the industry is concerned about. The seminar focused on application paradigms that organizations have already started exploring for being successful in the competitive markets.

The practical issues related to user management, utility, payment method and business factors were key points that participants focused on. The speakers brought into limelight the technology of accessing different levels of computing power from anywhere and its incessant functionalities.

Participating researchers and industry leaders raised key question “Can there be a few terra flops computation possible from the Tablets. Is it possible to run corporations without computing power in the present scenario? It is found that the best computing capabilities and applications based on demand is an ardent need for everybody.

Although cloud computing is still considered in its infancy, its global presence make it the future of information technology. It offers multiple services from infrastructure to application, hardware and storage services. Consistent improvements are going on with the exploration of newer designs and approaches.

This seminar focused to integrate and analyze on-demand computing besides reviewing the developments and usages with respect to security. Mr. Othman Al-Kharaz from Saudi Aramco said “future of cloud computing among Saudi Industries is very prospective as people are ready to move to better business models.”

Mr. Nizar Abdul-Baki from Microsoft spoke on causal relation between Microsoft and Private & Public Cloud. Mr. Ahmad Muammar from EMC explained “technologies for cloud and virtualisation. He made presentations on federation capabilities to be achieved and collaborative scenes of companies to bring up better cloud management and architecture systems.”

Mr. Hamad Al-Enezy from Saudi Aramco explained “deep technological challenges of server virtualizations.” Discussion about “securing cloud from different hacking attacks were brought into fore by Dr. Mohammed Houssaini Sqalli from KFUPM. Other notable speakers included Mr. Saud M. Mansor and Dr. Zubairi A. Baig from Saudi Aramco and KFUPM respectively.

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