Phony Christian Group Rips Bishop Strickland – OpEd


Faithful America is a far left-wing entity (it is not a true organization) that pretends to be Christian while working hard to undermine Christianity. It has a particular hatred of Catholics. Its latest salvo is hurled at Bishop Joseph Strickland.

Newsweek, which acts like a PR outlet for Faithful America, said that “Thousands of Christians have signed a petition thanking Pope Francis for removing Joseph Strickland as the bishop of Tyler, Texas.”

Petitions are normally signed by those who seek to persuade persons or organizations to do something they haven’t yet done; they are not a medium for expressing gratitude. But petitions are what Faithful America likes to do, if not much else.

Last year they launched a petition demanding that Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a rabid advocate of abortion rights, be permitted to receive communion wherever she goes to Mass. The year before they issued a petition condemning Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez for giving a speech in Spain they didn’t like. After Joe Biden became president, they petitioned the Left to attack the United States Conference of Bishops: they were upset because some bishops questioned Biden’s Catholic bona fides (he rejects many Church teachings on key moral issues).

Faithful America is gloating over the removal of Bishop Strickland. They said of his ouster, “this action is wonderful news for truth, equality, and our work together for a more inclusive and loving church.” In other words, by excluding a bishop the pope made things more inclusive.

Strickland is a “partisan false prophet who has absolutely no business continuing to hold a position of moral authority in the Body of Christ.”

These are the words of Rev. Nathan Empsall, the executive director of Faithful America.

So who is this guy? Empsall is not a Catholic. He is an Episcopalian priest. Thus he has no standing in evaluating the authenticity of the Catholic clergy. Moreover, we’re not even sure he is a man. Anyone who likes to be referred to as he/him makes us wonder.

Empsall boasts that Faithful America is “the largest online community of grassroots Christians” in the nation. Wrong.

To begin with, there is no such thing as an “online community.” It would be more honest to say that Faithful America has a website. That’s it. It is also quite small. Most important, there is nothing “grassroots” about this phony Christian entity—it is funded by George Soros and other left-wing organizations, such as the Arcus Foundation. Predictably, it is loved by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the corrupt radical behemoth.

Further proof that Faithful America is a fraud can be seen by considering its contact information. For example, it is now advertising for a new Digital Community Organizer. Whoever gets the job, unlike those who work at the Catholic League and report to the office every weekday, can do it remotely.

“This position involves telecommuting and working in a virtual office, and will require consistent phone and internet access at your home office location.” Not surprisingly, candidates can be “located anywhere in the contiguous U.S.” What they have against the Hawaiians and Alaskans they do not say.

Employees can work from home because there is no office (nor is there a phone number). The address listed on their website is “206 Elm Street, Unit #202898” in New Haven, Connecticut. That is the street address of USPS Yale Station. Oh, yes, Amazon has a locker at that address as well.

So how does anyone get in contact with Empsall if there is no office or phone number? The website has a form for people to fill out and submit. Further proof that Faithful America is run by phonies.

Empsall and his little Soros-funded crew are frauds, and so are media outlets such as Newsweek for pretending otherwise.

Since Faithful America is a mirage, the best contact we can provide is that of the senior news reporter for Newsweek who wrote this story, Khaleda Rahman. She is stationed in the U.K.

Contact: [email protected]

William Donohue

William Donohue is the current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the United States, and has held that position since 1993.

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