Spanish Armored Vehicles Deployed In Latvia Operate With Most Advanced Combat Management System In Market


The deployment of Leopard combat tanks and Pizarro light armored vehicles by the Spanish Army in Latvia that took place in June marks an important milestone for the BMS-Lince combat management system developed by Indra and Thales: its baptism of fire on a real international military mission.

The Leopard combat tanks and Pizarro light armored vehicles transferred to Latvia carry this technology. To show the advantages of the new system, the Infantería Acorazada Guadarrama XII Brigade (BRIAC XII) based in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid) carried out a dynamic demonstration of the BMS system.

BMS-Lince is the most advanced command and control system currently in operations. The Spanish Army’s six Leopard combat tanks and 14 Pizarro light armored vehicles deployed in Latvia are equipped with the BMS-Lince Command and Control system. The aim of the system is to help commanders to plan and conduct missions on the ground, by enabling vehicles to share information in real time. This in turn provides the individual vehicle operators with a comprehensive vision of their surroundings and the ability to coordinate and react to any situation.

The BMS-Lince system also enhances the interoperability of armored vehicles with systems used by other NATO forces. This is a key factor in multinational operations like the present mission.

The usability of the system was taken into account in the design phase in order to ensure personnel can operate it whilst vehicle is in motion. The touch control display terminals allow operators to quickly and efficiently navigate and interpret data to make selections directly on the interface, thus greatly enhancing their ability to make operational decisions in combat situations.

The armored vehicles deployed in Latvia are equipped with version one of the BMS-Lince system. The system is currently installed in the 235 Leopard combat tanks available to the Spanish Army, 14 Pizarro light armored vehicles and a hundred other vehicles of various types. Furthermore Indra and Thales have recently signed a new contract with the Spanish Army to adapt the BMS-Lince combat management system and implement it in all the Army’s vehicles. This version will be known as BMS-ET.

Obtaining and deploying the BMS-LINCE system, as well as the future development for its adaptation to all other means of the Army, has been carried out under the direction of the ET’s Logistic Support Command in close coordination with the Units that use it, as has happened in the case of BRIAC XII.

The two companies are already working on this new version which includes improvements such as integration of a new video service that will enhance intelligence gathering capabilities, increase the capacity to interoperate with other NATO forces and enable integration of new tactical applications.

When this project is fully installed all Spanish Army vehicles will have the most advanced information sharing technology thus enhancing the Army’s capability to coordinate with allies on all the international missions in which Spain takes part.

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