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The Missing Key To Trump’s Russiagate – OpEd


What’s really behind the Trump Russiagate scandal? Go from one news source to another and you’ll see widely disparate versions of the story. The difference is especially stark in cable TV news reports. Switch from Fox News to MSNBC and you see two totally different pictures. It’s like they’re in parallel universes.

Compare these examples:

“Mueller Probe Stinks Worse Than Cabbage Cooking in an Unventilated Kitchen” –Fox News

“Is Trump unraveling as Mueller investigation hits closer to home?” –MSNBC

Is either example correct?

The themes surrounding Russiagate reportage range from Trump covering up the conspiracy with Russia that got him elected president, to a plot by mysterious American “deep state” forces to stage a coup against Trump.

How are audiences able to sort out the real story? My guess is that people are likely to ascribe credibility to whichever news source most closely reflects their own political biases.

But in an era of truth contestability that’s no way to uncover the honest facts.

What’s worse is that I’ve seen in most cases the critically important background regarding Russiagate has been suppressed. This leaves observers with little reliable information to go by. Audiences are being exposed to questionable accounts without the benefit of context.

To ameliorate that situation I’ve prepared a series of monographs that present relevant background. The series is called “Russia: Straight Talk on Hushed Issues.”

Initially, six monographs have been posted (

Current titles include,

  • Wise Up President Trump: It’s time to confront the Russian Conspiracy scandal head on
  • The Secret Yeltsin Scandal: Discover the truth about the present from events in the past
  • Putin’s Orders For Trump: Do they exist, and is Trump complying?
  • Congress Warned Over Russia: The smell of war is in the air. What can Congress do?
  • US Policy Toward Putin’s Russia: A hearing before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs
  • Putin’s Ally Dead in DC: Can the official explanation be believed?

These monographs will be free of charge for Eurasia Review readers from January 22 through January 26.

That’s just the first installment. This series will continue with many more monographs to come.

My intent is not to persuade anyone of anything, but to empower news consumers with the necessary context to critically examine the everyday news streams they are exposed to. A hallmark of this approach is its fact-checking of news reports. It also tests news content for logical consistency. This all will give readers a good idea of who’s presenting reliable facts and who’s propagating distortions. The results can be quite surprising and illuminating for everyone.

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William Dunkerley

William Dunkerley is a media business analyst and consultant based in New Britain, Connecticut, USA. He works extensively with media organizations in Russia and other post-communist countries, and has advised government leaders on strategies for building press freedom and a healthy media sector. He is a Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow.

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