Rosneft fully replaced its oil reserves in 2010


Rosneft announced today the results of the annual independent audit of its hydrocarbon reserves performed by DeGolyer & MacNaughton.

According to the audit results, as of December 31, 2010, Rosneft had estimated net proved reserves of 22,765 mln boe, which include 18,110 mln bbl (2,487 mln tonnes) of oil and 27,931 bcf (791 bcm) of gas under the PRMS

Sakhalin-5 project, Sakhalin Island (Russia’s Far East)
Sakhalin-5 project, Sakhalin Island (Russia’s Far East)

classification. In 2010 the oil reserve replacement ratio was 106%. Rosneft had hydrocarbon reserve life of 25 years, including 21 years – for oil and 67 years – for gas.

Rosneft’s probable and possible reserves under the PRMS classification were estimated by DeGolyer & MacNaughton at 12,539 and 10,484 mln boe, respectively.

These reserves include 9,978 mln bbl (1,367 mln tonnes) of oil and 15,369 bcf (435 bcm) of gas of probable reserves, and 8,256 mln bbl (1,122 mln tonnes) of oil and 13,367 bcf (379 bcm) of gas of possible reserves.

DeGolyer & MacNaughton also performed a reserve audit under the SEC life-of-field classification. Proved reserves were estimated at 15,199 mln boe, including 13,747 mln bbl (1,887 mln tonnes) of oil and 8,709 bcf (247 bcm) of gas.

The audit results confirm Rosneft’s global leadership among publicly traded oil companies in terms of liquid hydrocarbon reserves under both PRMS and SEC life-of-field classifications.

In 2010 Rosneft increased its access to new oil & gas resources, obtaining 4 licenses to blocks on Russia’s Arctic shelf. Large potential of these blocks, which were not included in the company’s resource base for 2010, will have long-term positive impact on Rosneft’s reserves.

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