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TDIC Responds To Human Rights Watch


With reference to the recent announcement by Human Rights Watch, TDIC can confirm that the company has a long standing and deep commitment to protecting workers’ rights and fully respects and supports the artists’ role in campaigning for this issue.

However, HRW’s announcement pre dates more recent announcements made by TDIC relating to measures already taken to further safeguard the workers’ rights.

‘TDIC has always worked with an independent monitoring consultant who provides regular reports on contractors’ performance and as part of its ongoing programme.TDIC recently announced that a new internationally recognised consultancy will be appointed to meet the growing scope of work needed to monitor the performance of contractors on Saadiyat. The appointed company will be announced by May 2011 and audit reports will be published on an annual basis.

Also, TDIC has in place a robust mechanism to ensure workers do not pay recruitment fees to work on Saadiyat. TDIC recently expanded this to include that contractors must reimburse workers for any recruitment fees they might have paid.

TDIC respects and upholds the high measures introduced by the UAE Government to protect workers and believes that the UAE Labour Law is comprehensive. As a responsible developer, TDIC felt there was room to extend our commitment to worker rights, and created and implemented the Employment Practices Policy in 2009. This policy’s aim is to set fair employment relations practices between TDIC and its contractors, and is predicated on the basis that employees will be treated fairly, irrespective of race, gender or ethnic origin.

TDIC has always welcomed dialogue regarding its practices with the artists and those who are also committed to constructive dialogue about protecting workers’ rights, and we will continue to have this policy as work progresses on Saadiyat.

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