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Anonymous Leak Donald Trump’s ‘Private Data’


Hacker squad Anonymous has leaked Donald Trump’s alleged private phone, address and social security numbers as it keeps up relentless attacks in their “total war” against the GOP frontrunner, which they vowed would get way worse.

The hacktivist collective has data-dumped some of Trumps most sensitive information, which includes his private cell phone number, SSN and address of his Palm Beach resident in Florida.

Moreover, the “doxxing” has targeted Trump’s personal agent and legal representatives, whose phone numbers have now gained publicity.

“These are provided for informational purposes only,” Anonymous said in a YouTube video. “… That might be able to assist you all in independently investigating this would-be dictator.”

Anonymous is calling this anti-Trump operation #OpWhiteRose, after a non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany. Hackers announced the operation on March 16, saying that its major goal was “to unite to fight fascism”.

“The White Rose Society has risen again in the United States. They are at Anti-Trump protests, and rallies in support of their Muslim and Latino neighbors,” the hacktivist collective said.

Just two days ago Anonymous declared “total war” on Trump, calling on fellow hacktivists to unite with them in an attack against all of his websites on April Fool’s Day. Dubbed #OpTrump, the operation is aiming to “dismantle” Trump’s presidential campaign and “sabotage his brand.”

Earlier in March, Anonymous already leaked some of Trump’s voicemail messages from 2012, which unsurfaced American liberal media’s support for the billionaire.

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The hacktivist group first threatened Trump with war in December, when he said he would look to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

Since then, they’ve taken down Trump Tower website and launched a petition, calling to ban Trump from entering the UK which gained more than half a million signatures.


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