Use Of Nuclear Force: BJP’s Model – OpEd


The future of a nuclear South Asian is in the doldrums in the wake of evolving strategically twiddling intentions revealed and publicized by the Indian civil leader’s articulations from time to time.

BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy, a staunch Hindutva proponent, said that India needs only two years to defeat Pakistan militarily and that India determines to use nuclear weapons as only an option left to solve the lingering Kashmir dispute among the south Asian nuclear rivals.

‘In an interview, Dr. Swamy said that the Muslims have no connections with India and that they did not want to live with Hindus, they should lift India.’ Meanwhile, he stressed on the ISIS vision of an Islamic state that stretches up to Gujrat in India
is serious enough for India to prepare for war. He said “we’ll have a war… war with the Islamic caliphate that will be set up very soon which will include Pakistan and Afghanistan. Start preparing. Send troops to Afghanistan. Make friends with Iran because they are Shiites and those militants are all Sunnis.”

More to the point, Prime Minister Modi, in his election campaign promised to maintain a tough posture against both China and Pakistan. It is important to note here that China was the only country, not invited to the Modi’s swearing-in ceremony where all the country’s immediate neighbors were invited. Ironically, on one hand, retaining a dual and dubious policy, India with such acts, depicts its apprehensions towards China and on the other hand, BJP (as stated by Dr. Swamy) aspires to neutralize relations with China in order to overwhelm its inclination towards Pakistan.

Whereas the Chinese government is keen to improve its ties with India in the face of regional strategic threats and certain border disputes among both nations.

Admittedly, the country successfully did acquire Weapons of Mass Destruction (by illegal diversion of civilian technology for military purpose), but at the same time New Delhi forgot the fact that nuclear weapons are not meant for use, rather than only to achieve political objectives. In this instance, if anyone abnormally decides on or even contemplates to make violent use of WMD, Pakistan is, in response capable of the best capacity with the worlds competent army soldiers, a glimpse of which Indians must be seen in the on-going operation named under “Zarb-e-Azb” (a joint-military offensive operation).

Dr. Swamy needs to update himself with the worst consequences by the use of Nuclear weapons on either side, when he aspires “there would be no Pakistan left”.

Critically analyzing the heinous intentions of Dr. Subramanian Swamy at the time when the world is looking after the emerging policies of the BJP’s mentality or its new government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi can easily be evaluated and deducted in light of the on-going milieu. Previously, when BJP came to power, in 1998, the party announced its agenda publicly by deliberating its intentions “to exercise the nuclear option and induct nuclear weapons, occupy Azad Kashmir and to demolish mosques to build Hindu temples.”

In the same manner, BJP today in 2014 remains on its original agenda and is just fueling the fire. The need is to understand the original agenda of the party. If one is able to get the core objective of BJP in that case, by comparing it with its present will definitely make some sense, as it will reinforce the idea that they are still in the enmity of Pakistan. Likewise, the hawkish BJP leader Dr. Swamy, stood up against the Muslims in a write-up labeled, How to wipe out Islamic terror, July 14, 2011.

Dr. Swamy, himself is exceptionally against Pakistan therefore does not leave a bit to target Pakistan in one or the other way. Moreover, the security implications of new strategic and military developments in the region should also be given its considerable amount of weight-age here. In this regard, PM Modi has been briefed about nuclear code and visited Sriharikota to witness the launch of ISRO’s
PSLV C-23 rocket. He is, beyond doubt, taking interest in expanding India’s military power.

Correspondingly, since the BJP came into power once again, New Delhi is aggressively engage in the brutal killing of Muslims in India along with LoC disturbances whilst Pakistan is proposing plans for economic cooperation in order to normalize the decade’s long fragile relationship among each other that would certainly improve the tense regional strategic environment.

Any rational mind would definitely think here about the probability of the tale that the ‘Indian No First Use’ is going to be phase-out. Paradoxically narrating, such atrocious statements are of no use in view of the fact that the other state has not kept nuclear weapons as a decoration piece and has successfully acquired and maintained its deterrence capability, and will surely do it in future even if the circumstances lead to the unfortunate use of WMDs, Pakistan would not compromise on its sovereignty. Sagaciously our beloved neighbor! a war (use the nuclear weapons) is not a choice to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir Dispute contrarily it would be a nightmare for India. By and large, it would not be wrong to wrap up that deterrence in a globalised world which is becoming complex, time in and time out.

Beenish Altaf

Beenish Altaf works for the Strategic Vision Institute, Islamabad and be reached at [email protected]. Ms. Beenish Altaf holds masters degree in Defence and Diplomatic Studies from Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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