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When we hear the protesters on Wall Street in New York chanting their messages and see the signs they carry, we should realize that they are very concise, mostly short and to the point, and very clear, but that is not what you get when you read most of the major newspapers and blogs and view US TV networks.

The New York Times, which is one of the world’s most influential newspapers, published an article by Eli Saslow entitled “Occupy Wall Street: Newcomers bring their worries and hopes to New York protest” that discusses every detail about how these three “newcomers” come and join the Occupy Wall Street protesters except their cause and message.

The general purpose of the article is to mock the people who are nobody (in the eyes of the author) and to try to shed some light on them and their lives. “The unemployed television producer, just evicted from his apartment, put his belongings into a storage locker in Harlem and hitched a ride with a friend,” wrote Mr. Saslow.

The explanation and profile of this unemployed television producer, and two other people from other cities who are heading to downtown New York, continues in paragraph after paragraph, along with unnecessary details about their lives and how they get to New York, such as how many hot dogs they had on the way and which pit stops they used. “What began three weeks ago as a small college protest and then grew into a circus of hippies, misfits and anarchists is now trying to grow into something else,” Saslow added.

The Fox News Network tried to “infiltrate” the Occupy Wall Street encampment to discredit the movement’s message on the air, but the protesters didn’t fall for the trick, began chanting “FOX News Lies!” and embarrassed one of their infamous reporters so much he had to leave Zuccotti Park, which is located near Wall Street.

Eric Cantor, the Republican minority leader in the House of Representatives, told CBS News in a recent interview that he was concerned about the “growing mobs” occupying Wall Street and U.S. cities.

Congressman Peter King from New York was visibly irate during a TV interview last week and called the Wall Street demonstrators a “ragtag band of malcontents” and “anarchists.”

Occupy Wall Street crowds must be doing something right, since all these media people and congressmen are trying to belittle them by labeling them as anti-American and anti-capitalist mobs.

But quite the contrary, the Occupy Wall Street protesters have actually put their finger on something very important. The movement started in New York with less than 50 people, but in five weeks has grown into a nationwide phenomenon reaching 1400 cities and drawing in more and more people every day.

And their message is very simple. They want the current economic injustice system to be abolished and to be replaced by a more fair economic system with better distribution of wealth.

During the economic woes of 2008, the Bush administration, which was known for its so-called free market capitalism ideology, came up with a “solution” to rescue failing banks and corporations.

But their solution was far from their stated ideology and called for the Federal Reserve to inject trillions of dollars into failing banks and corporations.

They claimed they had to pump so much money into these failing institutions because they were “too big to fail.”

The Bush administration managed to sell this “corporate welfare” or “corporate socialism” ideology as a do-or-die solution to the Obama administration. And the Obama administration bought it. The private Federal Reserve System overtly and covertly spent trillions to save a few banks and corporations that were on the brink of bankruptcy. Had it not been for some corrupt Zionist politicians and bankers rigging the system for themselves, things could have been different for the people.

Remember, Obama had run his presidential campaign on a message of “Change.” He was supposed to rein in the corrupt and rigged system of the Bush era, which had made “corporate welfare” its hallmark by awarding the largest amount of handouts in the history of the US to oil corporations. But now, of course, in the Obama era, banks are receiving an even greater amount of money in corporate welfare.

Obama had a chance to really “change” things, reduce corporate and government corruption, redress the injustices, and correct some of the wrongheaded economic policies of the Bush administration.

Let’s see if the trillions that were spent on the banks and corporations to save them from bankruptcy could have been spent to save people’s homes and jobs.

The Obama administration should have let the failing banks and corporation go into legal bankruptcy. By doing so, the bankruptcy courts would have ordered those banks and corporations to sell their assets to pay some of their debt. In these kinds of situations, it is normal for assets to be sold for pennies to the dollar.

The assets of these institutions were mostly US home mortgages at inflated prices. These homes could have been sold for 15 to 30 percent of their original mortgage value, and the Obama administration could have provided the funding — from the same trillions — to the homeowners instead, allowing them to buy back their homes at the discounted value from the bankrupted banks, and thus they would not have had to join the ranks of the homeless at such alarming rates, as they do now.

According to a public opinion poll conducted by researchers from Harvard and Duke universities, US citizens overwhelmingly believe there should be a more equitable distribution of wealth. US citizens have also underestimated just how large the wealth divide has grown, the poll showed.

“All groups — even the wealthiest respondents — desired a more equal distribution of wealth than what they estimated the current United States level to be,” the researchers said.

The poll also showed that the majority of US citizens from all walks of life believe that wealth should not be concentrated in the hands of the few.

The Obama administration also could have changed the tax code for income tax and corporate tax to redistribute the over 50 percent of the wealth that is owned by the 1 percent of the people who are super-rich.

That is why the most common message of the Occupy Wall Street movement is: “We are the 99 percent.”

The Obama administration was also supposed to stop the Iraq war, curtail military activities in Afghanistan, and bring the troops home, which would have saved hundreds of billions of dollars for job creation investments.

He has reneged on his campaign promises due to pressure from the Zionist lobby. When the private Federal Reserve Bank and most of the large US/multinational banks are controlled and owned by the Zionists, they can dictate the policy to any US president, including President Obama. As the American saying goes, “Money talks, BS walks.”

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have very clear and concise messages, and you can see them on the signs they carry.

But the faux newsters of the US, who claim to be members of the fourth estate, keep fumbling around pretending they don’t hear the message of the protesters.

Yet all they need to do is open their eyes and read the signs to realize what these protesters all over the US are demanding from their elected government.

And maybe it would be wiser for them to stop trying to discredit the Occupy Wall Street movement by calling them ragtag mobs of misfits since nobody is really falling for it.

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