Target Of Sabotage Attack Against Iran Were Sajjil-Ghadr F Advanced Missile Prototypes – OpEd


Alex Fishman, reporting in today’s Yediot, writes that according to U.S. intelligence, the target of attack at the Iranian Revolutionary Guard missile base was the nation’s most advanced missile prototypes the Sajjil and Ghadr F.  I’d been reporting that the missile test involved the Shehab 3 missile.  They were also likely damaged, but the target was the more advanced prototypes.  A significant part of the entire facility was destroyed, which could be a significant setback for the overall program.

The new version was lighter than previous ones since it was made from aluminum.  This gave it the advantage of a longer range since the same amount of fuel would carry it farther.  The missile tested had a 2,000km range and the designers were preparing one that would reach 2,500km, which is in range of all of Israel.

I imagine that Fishman’s source would have to be either in the Mossad or IDF.  Clearly anyone having knowledge of the specific type of weapon tested would also have an interest in destroying it and the individual responsible for overseeing the project.  Which draws the circle even tighter around the Mossad as the culprit.

This article appeared in Tikun Olam

Richard Silverstein

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