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G8 Summit Opens In US


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and other leaders of the “G8” have arrived at the country residence of the U.S. President at Camp David. The host, Barack Obama, personally greeted the guests. Upon meeting the leaders exchanged handshakes and few words.


The working program of the summit began with a dinner at a joint table, with discussions touching upon key issues of international security in individual countries, including Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Later, the G8 leaders will discuss key economic issues, particularly the crisis in the eurozone.

The Russian prime minister intends to discuss the problem of global terrorism. On the current visit Dmitry Medvedev replaces Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had previously explained to Obama he could not come due to “the need to complete formation of a new cabinet”.

G8 summit: protesters rally in Thurmont, Frederick

A small-scale protest action was held in the city Thurmont – nearest to the country residence of the U.S. President at Camp David, the venue of the G8 summit. Activists unfurled banners in the town square with anti-war and environmental appeals. The demonstration was peaceful, police intervention was not required.

Today, however, larger demonstrations are expected in Thurmont, involving over a thousand people. Local authorities have assigned them the city park and a portion of the road.


Previously, the first protest, timed to the G8 summit at Camp David, was held in the nearby town of Frederick, which hosted the so-called “People’s G8 summit “, where participants talked about the “greed of international bankers”, escalating material inequality, environmental pollution, food shortages and epidemics in poor countries.

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev arrives for G8 summit

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has arrived in Washington, from where he immediately proceeds to Camp David for the G8 summit.

Today Medvedev takes part in a working luncheon given by U.S. leader Barack Obama. The focus of this meeting will be security issues in individual countries, including Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Working sessions on the global economy will be held on the second day of the summit. In Russia, it will still be Saturday. The Russian prime minister intends to discuss the problem of global terrorism. He shall also draw attention to the need to finalize an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Besides this, discussions will touch upon problems of strengthening international conventions with regard to nuclear security.

On the fringes of the summit the head of the Russian government will hold a series of bilateral meetings, including with the U.S. President

Cameron and Hollande have first meeting

David Cameron has emerged from his first meeting with the new French President, Francois Hollande and said they both shared a desire to see deficits cut, markets stabilised and economic growth.

The two leaders met at the British embassy in Washington, before this weekend’s G8 summit.

Questions have been raised about the relationship between the two men, after Mr Cameron endorsed Nicolas Sarkozy in the French elections and Mr Hollande advocated a pro-growth strategy that seemed at odds with the coalition’s economic policies.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Cameron said they had found much to agree on.

David Cameron has warned French President Francois Hollande that Britain will not accept a Europe-wide tax on financial transactions.

Speaking in Washington ahead of their first meeting since Mr Hollande’s election earlier this month, Mr Cameron said it was not a “sensible measure”.

Protest organizers gather at Camp David  

Participants of “Occupy Wall Street” are converging for the G8 summit at Camp David for demonstrations and picnics. Police and local authorities are hoping the protests will be peaceful and not erupt into riots.

Protest activists have already held their first rehearsal prior to the main developments by placing several posters along the highway leading to President Barack Obama’s residence, calling for heads of state to support the “common people”, not millionaires.

In the next two days, leaders of the G8 will discuss the situation in Syria, Iran, North Korea, food security, nuclear proliferation, environmental protection and global economic recovery after the crisis.

Russia is represented at the summit by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Obama says G8 to discuss ‘strong growth agenda’ 

US President Barack Obama said the G8 summit opening Friday will discuss how to couple a “strong growth agenda” with efforts to repair the fiscal balance sheets of developed nations.

Obama gave the undertaking hours before opening the summit at his Camp David retreat, during talks with French President Francois Hollande, who also renewed his calls for a new emphasis on economic growth policies.

Greece should remain in euro zone: French president

French President Francois Hollande said in front of US President Barack Obama on Friday that Greece should remain in the euro zone.

Obama, alluding to the importance of the euro zone, told Hollande after White House talks that the region was of “extraordinary importance” not only to the people of Europe but to the wider global economy.

Hollande reaffirms promised French pull-out from Afghanistan 

French President Francois Hollande reminded US President Barack Obama Friday of a promised withdrawal of French troops from Afghanistan by the end of year, but said France would provide support in other ways.

“I recalled to President Obama that I had made a promise to withdraw our combat troops from Afghanistan at the end of 2012,” Hollande said at the White House. “I also stipulated that there would still be support in another form.”

Obama tells Hollande French ties ‘deeply valued’ 

US President Barack Obama told French counterpart Francois Hollande during White House talks on Friday that their countries’ bilateral relationship is “deeply valued” by Americans.

Just three days after being sworn in to replace pro-American president Nicolas Sarkozy, Hollande, a Socialist, held Oval Office talks with Obama focusing on the euro crisis and how to improve growth.

G8 summit dominated by euro crisis

The G8 summit that is opening in Camp David Friday is expected to be dominated by threats to the European and the global economy from a possible default by Greece.

President Obama will probably urge his G8 counterparts to consider economic stimulation, rather than austerity alone.

Observers believe he fears that a global slowdown may compromise his re-election chances.

The Camp David agenda also includes global food security, Syria, North Korea and Iran.

Russia wants G-8 summit to take up world terrorism 

Russia has suggested that the G-8 summit in the United States should take up the issue of world terrorism, according to the press service of the Russian government.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will represent Russia at the meeting. Featuring prominently on the G-8 summit agenda are the situation in Syria, Iran and North Korea, as well as food security, nuclear non-proliferation, environmental protection and world economic recovery after the crisis.

When discussing climate-related problems, Russia will lay emphasis on the completion of drafting the agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


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