Iran, Pakistan Reconvene Consular Commission After 8 Years


The joint commission of Iran and Pakistan on consular affairs was held in Tehran after an eight-year hiatus. 

The 6th joint consular commission of Iran and Pakistan was held in Tehran on Monday.

Alireza Bikdeli, the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s deputy for consular issues, parliament and Iranian expatriates, and Syed Ali Murtaza, the deputy interior minister of Pakistan, presided over the meeting.

Delegations from the two neighbors discussed important consular issues, including facilitating the issuance of visas for Iranian applicants, solving the problems of students and transit drivers, releasing confiscated barges, pursuing and expediting the implementation of judicial agreements like the transfer of convicts and the extradition of criminals as well as the signing of judicial assistance deals, dealing with the affairs of prisoners and other problems of nationals, recognizing driving licenses of two countries, engaging in police and border coordination and cooperation and boosting scientific and academic interaction and exchanges, the Foreign Ministry’s website reported.

They also underlined the policy of neighborliness and the need for maximum use of consular potentials to resolve problems and expand bilateral relations between Iran and Pakistan.

The diplomats decided that the consular issues raised in the meeting will be continuously followed up by both sides to achieve results.

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