Tasty Desserts That Boost The Immune System


Desserts that stimulate digestion through biotechnology strengthen the immune system, prevent the development of respiratory and intestinal diseases or benefit people with cancer are some examples of the functional food produced by the Mexican company Kuragobiotek, taken to the market through their own system of management technology.

Tasty food that provides a health benefit is the philosophy of the company, which through partnerships with various institutions such as the Center for Advanced Technology (CIATEQ), the University of Guadalajara and the laboratory More Pharma has achieved to position in the market functional foods supported by scientific research.

The engineer Antonio Cruz Serrano, director of the company, commented that they produced a mango jelly that is beneficial for people with cancer. It functions as a probiotic and prebiotic that contains agave inulin and generates metabolites markers which modulate important components, such as interleukin, involved in the elimination of cancer cells during radiotherapy.

The work at CIATEQ was to perform in vitro testing of potential products, while the research protocol is carried out in specialized hospitals like the National Cancer Institute that works in with women who have cervical cancer.

Moreover, the reason why they have positioned themselves in the market with this type of product is because a technology management model that performs monitoring, planning, and empowerment of all the projects with a scientific basis in order to introduce them successfully into the market of functional foods, ensuring its acceptance among the buyers.

Another product that has been consolidated in the market from this management model is called Nutrigel gelatin, which is made from fish oils and probiotics. Like all Kuragobiotek food, it has the support of the biotechnology sector.

From their scientific and technological research and its system of management, Kuragobiotek won the National Prize for Technology and Innovation 2014.

It was recently introduced to the market a digestive gel that generates a continuous flow, which is ideal for lactose-intolerant people. It is sold next to the yogurt and milk products in the supermarkets and pharmacies of Guadalajara.

Another product that is already marketed, is a custard that was incorporated to the dining menu of a factory in Guadalajara. The director has proven the effectiveness of using biotechnology, in order to significantly reduce the number of occupational disabilities as a result of stomach and respiratory diseases.

In this case the effectiveness of the dessert was proved by recording that employees were not ill with gastrointestinal or respiratory problems during the time they consumed the food, which stimulates the immune system.

In the future, a line of foods for diabetics will be launched, containing anti inflammation and detoxification cycles ideal to manage weight and regenerate cartilage. This alliance was made with a group of industrialists of the state of Guanajuato, in Mexico.

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