Saudi Arabia: Hajj Ministry Urges Pilgrims To Comply With Scheduling Programs To Avoid Crowd Disasters


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has urged pilgrims to abide by crowd-control schedules and rules to avoid dangers that could result in congestion and stampedes.

In a message, the ministry urged “brother and sister pilgrims” to adhere to the scheduling program for performing various rituals.

“Brother Hajj, Sister Hajjah.. The messenger (peace be upon him) said ‘take from me your Manasik’,” read the message, referring to the Arabic word for rituals.

It said on the 8th day of the Islamic month of Dhu Al-Hijjah, which falls on Sunday, pilgrims headed to Mina to perform the rituals of the first day of Hajj, called the day of Tarwiya. It said on this day pilgrims perform the Dhuhr, Asr, Maghreb and Isha prayers shortened but not joined.

The day, which means the day of quenching thirst, comes a day before pilgrims head to Mount Arafat on Monday to mark the main ritual of Hajj.

On the 9th day of Dhu Al-Hijjah, pilgrims stay until sunset in Arafat, then head to Muzdalifah to spend the night, as per Hajj obligations.

Muzadlifda is the area for performing the Jamarat, the symbolic stoning of the devil. Worshippers are also urged to comply with agreed schedules for the stoning ritual.

The Civil defense forces said they have completed their preparations at the Muzdalifa site. They said they set plans for all possible dangers that could encounter pilgrims in the area.

Arab News

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