COP28 Has Laid The Foundations: It Is Our Job To Pave The Road Ahead – OpEd


As we wrap up the conclusion of last year’s COP28 summit in Dubai, there’s a palpable sense of achievement and progress in the air. Under the leadership of Conference President Sultan Al Jabeer, last year’s summit witnessed a landmark breakthrough: the operationalization of a fund dedicated to compensating vulnerable countries grappling with the catastrophic impacts of climate change. This historic agreement, achieved on the inaugural day of the UN Climate Conference, marks a pivotal juncture in our collective commitment to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change.

Moreover, the approval of a roadmap for transitioning away from fossil fuels is a watershed moment in the history of UN climate conferences. While the absence of a concrete call for the phaseout of oil, coal, and gas leaves room for further aspirations, it symbolizes a significant stride toward a cleaner, diversified, more sustainable future. However, the urgency of the situation calls for bolder steps that demand immediate action and unwavering dedication from every nation.

Indonesia, as a nation acutely aware of its vulnerability to climate change, continues to be committed to mitigating its impact and accelerating the transition toward renewable energy sources. Our role in combating climate change extends beyond mere rhetoric; it embodies a resolute dedication to action-driven initiatives that chart a sustainable course for our nation and the planet.

Our nation stands at the forefront of climate challenges, grappling with a multitude of environmental issues exacerbated by its geographical diversity and population density. We face an array of pressing concerns, from deforestation and land degradation to rising sea levels threatening our extensive coastlines. Rampant deforestation, often driven by agricultural expansion and illegal logging, poses a significant threat to Indonesia’s rich biodiversity and contributes substantially to global carbon emissions. 

Moreover, our country’s vulnerability to extreme weather events, including floods, droughts, and forest fires, underscores the immediate impact of climate change on its communities, economy, and ecosystems. Addressing these challenges demands comprehensive strategies that balance sustainable development with environmental conservation, emphasizing the urgent need for concerted efforts to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change in Indonesia.

Abundant in natural resources, we have historically relied on coal as a prominent source of energy. However, recognizing the adverse effects of fossil fuels on the environment, we are steering away from coal-based energy production; both in the public and private sectors alike.

At Indika Energy, we are actively curtailing our reliance on coal. This strategic move echoes our nation’s clear pledge to reduce carbon emissions and transition toward cleaner alternatives. The closure of coal mines not only signifies a departure from unsustainable practices but also heralds a new era of responsible energy consumption.

Furthermore, our collaboration with international partners in initiatives like the development of electric motorcycles — ALVA —and the distribution of electric buses in partnership with Hyundai, are testament to our concerted efforts in embracing sustainable transportation. These electric vehicles, designed to reduce carbon footprints while providing efficient mobility solutions, embody our commitment to fostering innovation in the realm of clean energy.

Indonesia’s dedication to combatting climate change extends beyond national borders. We actively participate in international forums, leveraging our experience and insights to advocate for ambitious climate policies and collaborate with global partners toward a shared goal of a greener tomorrow.

While applauding the progress achieved at COP28, it is imperative to acknowledge that the road ahead demands unwavering commitment, collaborative efforts, and bold action. The urgency of climate change necessitates a collective shift toward sustainable practices, and Indonesia stands resolute in championing this cause.

As we forge ahead, guided by our determination to mitigate climate change and phase out fossil fuels, Indonesia remains strong in its resolve to lead by example. Companies like our own Indika Energy epitomize a commitment to fostering sustainable development, laying the groundwork for a future where energy is clean, accessible, and in harmony with our planet.

COP28 has laid a foundation—a roadmap that beckons us toward a future in which sustainability reigns supreme. Indonesia, will continue to stride forward, driving change, fostering innovation, and setting benchmarks in our journey toward a greener, more sustainable world. Together, let us navigate this path, united in our resolve to safeguard our planet for generations to come.

Azis Armand

Azis Armand is Vice President Director and Group CEO at Indika Energy

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