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Israel Confirms Holding Gazan Engineer


Israel confirmed Sunday that it is holding a Palestinian engineer who disappeared last month in Ukraine.


Israeli officials say Dirar Abu Sisi was arrested as part of a wider investigation. However, they have refused to provide further details of the case, which remains under a court-issued gag order.


Sisi’s Ukrainian-born wife Veronika says he was abducted by Israel’s Mossad secret service in order to sabotage the Gaza Strip’s main power plant, where he worked as a senior engineer. Gaza is ruled by the militant group Hamas.

A spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine, Maksim Butkevych, said earlier this month that Sisi went missing February 19 under unknown circumstances.

Ukrainian police said at the time that they were investigating the engineer’s disappearance.

News reports have said that Sisi was planning to move to Ukraine with his wife and their six children.



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