Iran Sending Shipment Of Fuel To Lebanon, Says Hezbollah’s Nasrallah


A vessel carrying fuel is going to set sail from Iran to Lebanon to help the Arab country deal with the fuel crisis, the secretary-general of Hezbollah said on Thursday morning.

In remarks at a televised speech, Seyed Hassan Nasrallah praised Iran for helping Lebanon cope with the shortage of fuel, saying the first shipment of fuel has undergone all the necessary stages and will be leaving Iran within the next couple of hours.

He said the urgent need that is going to be fulfilled with the Iranian cargo is mazut considering the fuel oil’s vital importance to Lebanon. 

Nasrallah also warned the US and the Zionist regime that the ship would be considered Lebanese territory as soon as it sets sail.

The secretary-general of Hezbollah added that it would not be the only shipment of Iranian fuel for Lebanon, as more vessels will be departing for the Arab country.

He further lauded Iran for standing beside its friends and allies despite all the sanctions and economic blockades, expressing gratitude to the Islamic Republic for its unwavering support for the Lebanese nation and resistance in countering the hostile acts.

Iran has not interfered in the internal affairs of Lebanon over the past four decades, Nasrallah underlined, saying the Lebanese people are free to make decisions by themselves.

Lebanon has struggled with severe fuel shortages for months, both to top up vehicles and to power electricity generators.

The Central Bank of Lebanon announced last week that it would stop spending roughly $3bn annually on fuel subsidies, the announcement sending tremors through the economy and encouraging distributors to hoard their stock, waiting to see if they can sell at higher rates later.

Tasnim News Agency

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