Saudi Ambassador To US Reiterates Kingdom’s Position On Russia-Ukraine War


Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the US on Wednesday issued a fact sheet reiterating the Kingdom’s position on the war in Ukraine and its condemnation of Russia’s attempts to annex occupied territory.

Princess Reema Bint Bandar’s fact sheet was released following a call between Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which they discussed Saudi opposition to referendums in areas controlled by Moscow on becoming part of Russia.

“During a call with President Zelensky on Oct.14, HRH the Crown Prince stressed that the Kingdom’s vote for the resolution condemning the annexation emanates from its commitment to the deep-rooted principles in the UN charter and international law,” the fact sheet said.

It added that Saudi Arabia was committed “to the respect of state sovereignty and the principles of good neighborliness, and resolving conflicts by peaceful means.”

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution by a large majority on Oct. 12, calling on countries not to recognize the four regions of Ukraine which Russia has claimed, following so-called referendums held late last month. The resolution demanded  that Moscow reverse course on its “attempted illegal annexation.”

The Kingdom also voted in support of a UN resolution deploring Russian aggression against Ukraine, demanding that Russia immediately ceases its use of force, and withdraws all of its military from Ukrainian territory on March 2, “in line with its moral position supporting international law, the UN charter, and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states, including Ukraine.”

The crown prince also announced an additional $400 million humanitarian aid package for Ukraine. 

The fact sheet also highlighted the crown prince’s mediation efforts, which have resulted in the release of ten prisoners of war from five countries, including two Americans.

“The president of Ukraine expressed his thanks and appreciation for HRH’s readiness to continue his mediation efforts aiming for the resolution of the crisis, and thanked the Kingdom for its established position and its humanitarian initiatives,” the fact sheet also said.

It added that Saudi Arabia had extended the visas of Ukrainian visitors, allowing tourists and residents in the Kingdom to remain there, and that Saudi Arabia had further supported humanitarian relief efforts through the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, providing aid worth $10 million to Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

The fact sheet said that the crown prince had “affirmed the Kingdom’s support for efforts to deescalate the crisis during calls to President Zelensky and President Putin.” 

It added that he expressed his country’s “readiness to mediate between the parties to the conflict, and the Kingdom’s strong support for all international efforts to find a political resolution to this crisis.”

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