Iran Stresses Peaceful Resolution To Syrian Crisis


Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has reiterated Tehran’s stance in support of a peaceful resolution to the Syrian crisis through the participation of all parties involved.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly stressed, and today we once again emphasize, that we seek a peaceful Syria-Syria resolution to Syria’s issue without any foreign interference,” Salehi said at the end of the Syria National Dialogue meeting held in Tehran.


Salehi added that the Syrian government is obliged to respond to the legitimate demands of the Syrian people.

“We stress respect for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and for the legitimate demands of the Syrian nation; and these are the principles that must be taken into account in any discourse on Syria.”

According to Salehi, representatives from nearly 40 active Syrian political parties, including 130 figures from inside Syria and 40 Syrian and non-Syrian figures from other countries took part in the Sunday meeting.

He said that members of the Syrian opposition were also among the participants.

The Iranian top diplomat said the participants reiterated the need for “democracy and peace” in Syria and called for an end to “violence” in the Arab country.

Those attending the meeting agreed to establish a committee to follow through national dialog in Syria and to extend the talks to those opposition figures who had been invited to but did not attend the Tehran meeting due to various reasons, Salehi said.

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has called on all Syrian groups to follow through Iran’s move to initiate dialogue to help resolve the crisis in the Arab country.

“We only play the role of taking the initiative to start and facilitate talks between Syrian groups, but we will not get involved in the internal dialogue between Syrian groups; and groups inside Syria should themselves pursue the move initiated by Iran,” Salehi said.

Referring to a Sunday decision by the participants in the Syria meeting to establish a committee to follow through national dialog in Syria, Salehi said the committee comprises of various Syrian groups; and its members, who are distinguished and popular, have been identified and their names will be announced later on Monday.

The Iranian foreign minister said the committee would begin its work in earnest on Monday.

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