Iran: IRGC Navy Organizes Ocean-Going Mobilization Forces


The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Navy has established a popular unit consisting of voluntary local sailors that can carry out operations in oceans with their vessels armed with rockets, a top commander said. 

Addressing a conference on Tuesday, IRGC Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri said the naval Basij (mobilization forces) for ocean missions has been organized after the successful experience of the IRGC Navy in forming the maritime Basij in the Persian Gulf.

He said the maritime Basij in the Persian Gulf includes 55,000 voluntary forces with 33,000 vessels, noting that its second phase will be established in the Caspian Sea.

Lauding the bravery of the mobilization forces, the commander said when the Somalian pirates hijacked a launch of the maritime Basij, the voluntary forces took action single-handedly, arrested nine pirates courageously, and handed them over to the military units.

The naval Basij for ocean missions involves large boats and launches that can sail the high seas as far as Tanzania, the IRGC Navy chief added.

Pointing to the formation of “shadow navy”, the admiral said a series of coastal villages in southern Iran have been equipped with military vessels operated by popular forces.

“The Basij forces use those vessels that are furnished with weapons such as 107mm rockets, and fire them when necessary,” he stated.

Tasnim News Agency

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