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Petition Asks Trump To Revoke George Soros’ US Citizenship


An online petition signed by around 17,000 people is requesting that President Donald Trump revoke the US citizenship of George Soros.

“We ask that George Soros’s naturalized citizenship be denaturalized and he be deported from our country and never be allowed to return again,” reads the petition, adding that,”We are asking he and his family members currently in America be stripped of any and all abilities to operate any businesses or have any financial dealings in our country. We ask any person found doing business with George Soros or his Alex Soros to the detriment of our country be arrested for committing crimes against America. We ask they be held accountable for accepting said payments.”

According to, the petition was begun by Vanessa Feltner, and who on RT has claimed that US mainstream media continues to dub anti-Trump protests as “spontaneous,” while it has turned out that more than 50 groups behind the marches received funding from Soros.

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