North Korea Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Tests A Threat To US – OpEd


The day following the conclusion of joint military drills between South Korea and the US that involved an American aircraft carrier close to the Korean peninsula. On Monday, the North Korea threatened to take more drastic measures in retaliation for the planned military exercises between the United States and South Korea by launching eight short-range ballistic missiles into the sea off its east coast.

State-run media in North Korea verified the country’s use of a multiple rocket launcher to fire two projectiles against targets that were 395 kilometres and 337 km distant, respectively. According to state news agency KCNA, the 600mm multiple rocket launcher that was mobilised during the shooting is a tactical nuclear weapon system that can disable an adversary airfield.

Due to the lack of official ties between North Korea and the United States, relations between the two have historically been tense and antagonistic. As North Korea conducted a ballistic missile test on Monday, the cause of disagreement reappeared. Kim Jong’s power sister made a remark that was broadcast on official media “We are well aware of the recent escalation in the movements of US military and their strategic strike capabilities around the Korean peninsula”. Kim Jong responsed to launch a ballistic missile in opposition to the joint drill of the US and its allies has been seen as a danger to the US and its allies’ impending exercises in the Korean peninsula, allowing North Korea to show off its military prowess.

The North Koreans once more retaliated with two multiple launchers from the MLRS system, these KN25s, according to the report, which had a range of more than 350 kilometres yesterday on Sunday when South Korea and the US conducted a joint air drill with B1 bombers. North Korea’s powerful leader Kim Yo Jong has warned against the presence of US strategic assets on the Korean peninsula, saying that the Pacific is dependent on the US forces’ action as a firing range. As a result, they are actively deterring the US and its allies.

In addition to the US and South Korea’s scheduled nuclear tabletop exercise this week at the Pentagon. The allies plan to conduct military exercises in the Korean peninsula next month, which North Korea views as provocative. North Korea threatened on Friday to respond to the exercises with “unprecedented strong responses” if they proceeded. Since the US military’s presence in the area poses a threat, appropriate action will be taken. Speaking about the US, Kim said those who inflame the situation would pay a price, and statements of that nature discourage the US For Their subsequent action will escalate the conflict between the two states and possibly lead to war.

He advised that we keep gathering data, keep a close eye on the situation, and strengthen relations between the US, Japan, and South Korea. Likewise, the foreign minister of South Korea placed sanctions on five corporations and four North Korean individuals

The enormous range of the ICBMs, which includes the continental United States, makes them particularly concerning. The peace and stability of Japan and the international community are being threatened by North Korea’s actions, which is unacceptable, according to the defense minister of Japan. The G7 foreign ministers who are in attendance at a meeting in Germany denounced North Korea’s “reckless behavior. They claimed in the statement that Pyongyang was endangering regional peace and security and that the UN Security Council needed to take stronger action against it.

Samra Nazeer is a student of BS IR at the university of Balochistan Quetta, and also an independent researcher and a  social activist who is  part of the Jazba women’s voters network and the human rights council of Balochistan, Pakistan. 

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