Stoltenberg Welcomes Ukraine Foreign Minister Kuleba And EU High Representative Borrell To NATO Headquarters


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and EU High Representative Josep Borrell to NATO Headquarters today (21 February 2023). 

Mr Stoltenberg said, “A year ago, President Putin launched his illegal war against a peaceful neighbour. The facts are clear for all to see. Nobody is attacking Russia. Russia is the aggressor. Ukraine is the victim of aggression and we are supporting Ukraine’s right to self-defence, which is enshrined in the UN Charter.” He added that President Putin “thought he could destroy Ukraine and divide us, but he underestimated the determination of the Ukrainian people to defend their homeland and he underestimated our unity.”

The Secretary General reiterated NATO’s steadfast support for Ukraine. He said, “We must sustain and step up our support for Ukraine. We must give Ukraine what they need to win and prevail as a sovereign independent nation in Europe.”

The Secretary General said NATO agreed to assist Ukraine develop an effective, transparent and accountable procurement system. He said,  “we also agreed today to convene a meeting of NATO, EU and Ukrainian procurement experts to see what more we can do together to ensure Ukraine has the weapons it needs.”

On Russia’s decision to suspend its participation in the New START Treaty, the Secretary General said, “with today’s decision on New START, the whole arms control architecture has been dismantled. I strongly encourage Russia to reconsider its decision and to respect existing agreements.”

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