Iran Insists Has Absolute Right Of Nuclear Enrichment For Peaceful Purposes


Iran’s nuclear point man Saeed Jalili says Tehran insists on its naturally-endowed right to uranium enrichment activities and the nuclear fuel cycle within the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

“At the Moscow meeting, we explicitly announced that enrichment is Iran’s absolute right and that enriching uranium for peaceful purposes is regarded as an absolute right,” Jalili said, drawing on Tehran’s legitimate right to the activities as stated by NPT stipulations.

Earlier, Iran threatened to take the issue of the 20-percent uranium enrichment off the table if the other side failed to recognize Tehran’s nuclear rights and lift sanctions.

Jalili also noted that Iran used legal documents to prove the illegitimacy of the countless improper conducts against the Islamic Republic only for exercising its rights.

The secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) called for an end to such behavior against Tehran, adding that Iran clearly and fully explained the reasons why it regards as illegal the resolutions imposed by the UN Security Council against the country.

He stressed the importance of holding expert-level meetings for the talks to turn out “successful.”

I believe that they (the P5+1) are exposed to an important test to win the trust of the Iranian nation and should take steps in the path of cooperation with the Iranian people, Jalili pointed out.

He emphasized that there is no reason to toughen the sanctions or oppose the peaceful nuclear energy activities of the Islamic Republic.

The SNSC secretary expressed hope that the P5+1 would seize the existing chance to break the stalemate in the talks.

The senior Iranian official voiced Iran’s readiness to prove the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic’s views both in legal and political terms during the expert level meetings.

These meetings should be held in line with dialogues and cooperation, Jalili said, adding that any other approach would not yield results.

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