Arab League Urges UN Security Council Meeting On Israeli Raids


The Arab League has urged Arab member nations of the UN to call on the Security Council to hold a meeting on taking appropriate measures to put a stop to the Israeli raids on Gaza.

The position was announced by Arab League Secretary General Nabil Al-Arabi on Sunday after attending an urgent Arab League Council meeting to discuss the issue of Israel’s recent heightened attacks on Gaza.


An Arab League statement following the meeting condemned Israel’s attacks on both Gaza and Egypt – which led to several deaths and injuries of both Palestinians and Egyptians – regarding it a breach of the Geneva Fourth Convention and other UN agreements.

“The aggression is unacceptable and proves Israel’s continued adoption of an aggressive policy,” Al-Arabi told a press conference following the meeting.

This aggression has also affected Egyptian forces, he said, noting that Egypt would be responding appropriately and that an Arab League statement had presented precise steps and guidelines on the matter.

The position of Arab states on Palestine has not changes for 50 years, and what is required is the formation of two states after negotiation and agreement, on the basis that both sides live side-by-side on equal terms, he added.

On the border dispute between Egypt and Israel, and talk that Egypt would be recalling their ambassador to Israel, Al-Arabi said that the Arab League does not interfere in state matters.

The Arab League urges the international community to end the siege on Gaza and to open up border crossings and calls for urgently-needed humanitarian and financial aid for the Palestinian people, he concluded.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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