Afghan People Need Aid Funding For Food, Education – OpEd


This brief analysis delves into the pressing issue of aid funding for food and education in Afghanistan, shedding light on the lack of international cooperation and the underlying factors contributing to the ban on education within the country since Taliban have power grab. 

At a time when almost all of the population faces poverty, the interim government in Afghanistan has repeatedly requested the Joe Biden administration to release aid money which has been allocated for the war-torn nation. The country is currently facing a backlash for banning girls and women from education and employment. The Taliban rise to power two years ago in August of this month after the USA agreed to depart its forces. This was part of an agreement that was signed between the groups in Doha, Qatar. However, the said education has temporarily been banned by the Taliban to pressure foreign countries like the USA to release funds. In this analysis, it is the opinion when the aid funding for food, education, etc., gets to Afghanistan, then things will go back to normal. 

Afghanistan has faced more than four decades of conflicts, wars, and lack of peace all at the hands of foreign occupation. There are a lot of conspiracies that Afghanistan is controlled by neighbouring countries like Pakistan where for many years the Taliban openly received safe haven. But still, today the leader of the Taliban is not seen in public. Who makes these decisions then? It appears that the value that Taliban leadership brings to the country may be compromised. In the past, if we look at Taliban governing, Mullah Mansoor was killed by a drone strike — since they have become serious about their political power under the current leadership of Haibatullah Akhundzada. 

In conclusion, the delay of aid funds directly impacts Afghan citizens, not the Taliban as explained. Urgent action is imperative to restore peace, empower girls’ education, and uplift the nation to stand with the world.

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai is an Afghan-Canadian citizen who lives in Ottawa and CEO of Taleam Systems.

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