Turkey: Foiled Attack On Israeli Embassy In Ankara


Security forces in Ankara, Turkey, on Wednesday shot and injured a man who was apparently attempting to carry out an attack on the Israeli embassy there, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said.

Gunfire was heard at the embassy on Wednesday morning, the Turkish Haber Turk reported. Video footage showed security forces holding a man to the floor.

The Foreign Ministry said no Israelis were injured in the incident.

The attacker attempted to stab a local security guard who was part of the embassy’s security detail. The guard fired a warning shot at the ground and then at the man’s legs, according to MFA spokesman Emanuel Nahshon.

Initial reports incorrectly suggested the attacker been killed.

“A man rushed at the embassy with a knife and was shot and wounded in the legs by local security forces,” Nahshon said.

Turkey has suffered a number of deadly attacks in recent weeks and months.

In June a triple suicide bombing killed dozens of people and injured over 140 at Istanbul’s main airport. In March three Israeli’s were killed in a suicide bombing on a main thoroughfare in central Istanbul.

By Raoul Wootliff, original article

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