Spain: Parliament Approves New Prime Minister


Spain’s parliament has voted to approve conservative Mariano Rajoy as the new prime minister, one month after his Popular Party ousted the Socialists in an election dominated by the economy.

Mr. Rajoy will introduce his new government after King Juan Carlos swears him in on Wednesday.

He says conditions in Spain will be difficult, but that he is determined to create opportunities, listen to all sides, and take Spain forward.

The White House says U.S. President Barack Obama congratulated the new prime minister during a telephone call Tuesday and stressed U.S. support for Spanish economic reforms.

Mr. Rajoy takes power with Spain teetering on the brink of recession and struggling with one of Europe’s highest unemployment rates. He has promised to cut $22 billion from Spain’s massive deficit through deep spending cuts, but he says pensions will not be touched.


The VOA is the Voice of America

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