Bahrain Says False Accounts Targeting Relations With Saudi Arabia


Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior announced that it has detected false accounts intended to affect the special relations between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The ministry said evidence suggests the ghost accounts, which are publishing false information, appear to be managed by the State of Qatar as well as fugitives and wanted criminals.

The statement said that this signifies a systematic targeting of the Kingdom of Bahrain, in order to harm its public interests and try to influence public opinion and the economy through the dissemination of false information.

The ministry added that these accounts are working to stir confusion and sedition and incite hatred, in order to target the internal social fabric and influence the course of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The statement said these accounts focus on spreading negative information on several matters, including the most recent issue regarding the changes to Bahrain’s pension system to stir public opinion, distort the Bahraini identity and portray the Gulf nation in a negative light.

The ministry noted that these threats are generally intended to harm Bahraini citizens.

In light of the recent developments and the security and safety concern of the society, and within the framework of its responsibilities in maintaining security and public order, the ministry has conducted an investigation into the matter.

Through the General Directorate for Combating Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security, the ministry is monitoring the alleged accounts on social networking sites that have been broadcasting illegal content.

The statement said that the necessary legal measures have been taken in this regard, affirming the freedoms and rights guaranteed by the Constitution, especially freedom of expression.

The ministry has called for adherence in controlling these rights, stipulated by the laws within the limitations of freedom of opinion and expression.

The ministry also called on the public to be vigilant when publishing information and ensuring that it is credible and from official sources.

In addition it urged the public not to use social media for the dissemination of rumors that affect security and civil peace.

The Bahraini Interior Ministry called on everyone to be vigilant and not to re-publish the allegations, especially since this stage requires concerted efforts, cohesion and an increase in awareness in order to protect the interests of the nation and civil peace. It added that strengthening national unity was everybody’s responsibility.

The ministry also requested everyone to take responsibility in order to regulate the usage of social media in order to reduce its dangers and negative effects. It emphasised the importance of facing these challenges and not subscribing to destructive ideas.

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