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Baluchistan Crucial For Pakistan – OpEd


“It is in all our interests to help the world become more peaceful, stable, and prosperous.” — David Lidington.


No one can deny the significance of Baluchistan for Pakistan. Peace, progress and prosperity of Baluchistan are vital for Pakistan and region. Prosperity in Baluchistan is need of the hour for successful and complete Pakistan.

Province of Baluchistan has been blessed with wonderful potentials of natural resources with high mountain barriers and a long coastal area. The people of the province are hard workers and loyal to their motherland. Because of poor development, bad governance and regional and international conspiracies, the province was suffering from instability. 

But now Baluchistan has changed. China’s developing the Gwadar Port and launching the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has focused international attention to the province. If we talk about Baluchistan and CPEC, we can clearly predict that CPEC will give lots of economic and social benefits to locals of Baluchistan. These projects will create lots of job and business opportunities for youth and it will somehow overcome unemployment related problems of Baluchistan. 

Everyone admits the fact that the CPEC has the potential to put Baluchistan on the road to swift development.  Once Gawadar port will be developed and will start to function completely then this port would be a game changer for the province. It is envisioned that Gwadar would be transformed into an economic hub and it will contribute massively towards the development of the whole province.

There are various evil elements also exist who have always opposed development in Baluchistan. They are also opposing and targeting CPEC with fake propaganda and creating a sense of negativity in people of Baluchistan about CPEC.  More road networks, power plants, industrial projects, job creation, educational institutes and hospitals to meet the needs of local people can be the best reply to the propaganda of enemies.


The Pakistan army played a major role in Balochistan’s progress and is giving support to the people of the province in all major aspects of life like health, education, job opportunities, technical training and skilled development, poverty eradication, maintaining law and order and striving hard for peace and prosperity.”

The fact is that the Armed Forces of Pakistan have launched numerous projects for the development of Baluchistan and build the capacity of Balochis to lead prosperous and meaningful lives. These projects include the establishment of desalination plants, cadet colleges, hospitals and educational institutions. 

Many militants groups have surrendered their activities and requested the authorities for their merger into the mainstream. The federal and provincial governments have played their roles for promoting peace and stability in the province. Least to say, it was not possible without the dedicated and hectic efforts of the military; Pak Army and Frontier Corps Baluchistan.

Pakistan Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa termed peace and prosperity in Baluchistan as “the bedrock of Pakistan’s progress”, saying security forces would remain steadfast to defeat elements against the province’s stability.

In the undertaking of these endeavors, Baluchistan government is unified with its constituents, and is strongly of the opinion that the advancement of Baluchistan is sure to bring success for the whole nation.

Ahsan Zaheer is a freelance journalist and Islamabad based analyst.

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