Iran: Khamenei Is Futilely Trying To Lift The Spirit Of His Forces – OpEd


On Thursday, August 17, in a meeting with IRGC commanders, Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei tried to boost the morale of its forces in the face of nationwide hatred toward the regime and international condemnation of the regime’s crimes.

Khamenei boasted about the “attractiveness of the IRGC and Basij” especially among young people and also tried to inverse the reality of the regime on the international front by saying, “One of the important part of the enemy’s activities is to distort the image of the IRGC and Basij.”

Reacting to great influence of Iranian Resistance in international political arena, and efforts to have IRGC desgnated as a terrorist organization by governments, Khamenei said, “IRGC is the largest anti-terrorist organization in the world.”

A simple examination of Khamenei’s statements makes it clear what forced him to utter such nonesense.

In another segment of his speech, Khamenei pointed to the role of the IRGC in salvaging the regime, and asked, “Who suppressed crises, these incidents, these riots, and save the people from them? Who saved the people of Kurdistan, Baluchestan, and different regions in the country from these disturbances? To save people in Tehran from a massive terrorist attack? It was the IRGC.”

Therefore, the critical and explosive atmosphere of the society made Khamenei increasingly in need of IRGC and Basij forces.

Inevitably, he had to give them full authority to repress and plunder. But the people are not fooled by Khamenei’s rhetoric, knowing that root cause of all sufferings is Khamenei’s dictatorial policy that are executed by IRGC and Basij. Therefore, the situation is becoming increasingly critical and explosive.

The 2022 uprising had such a great impact that Khamenei, to prevent further defection and boost the morale of his forces, said,

“We have passed the critical point and are near the summit.” At the same time alerted his forces that “this is not time to be tired or disappointed.”

At the same time, the explosive situation of the society and the unrestrained acts of repression and looting by the IRGC and the government of Ebrahim Raisi has made officials in the regime and to object this current situation and Khamenei.

In response, Khamenei begged for “national unity” among regime factions and said, “There is no problem for criticizing, but it should be espoused with confidence.”

Also, this explosive situation has terrified Khamenei himself and forced him to shed crocodile tears for the “lower classes”. In this regard, he said, “Our duty today… is to help people, especially the lower classes.”

But Khamenei’s attempt to make the situation look normal and give morale to his forces is self-defeating. Even the regime’s own experts and forces say, “This regime cannot stay. The foundation of regime is rotten and decayed by termites, and has passed the point of no return.” (Source: Statements of government economist Mohsen Renani – State TV – August 2)

This article was published by PMOI/MEK

Shamsi Saadati

Shamsi Saadati writes for the PMOI/MEK.

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