Indra And Grupo Oesía Acquire 60% Of Epicom In Equal Shares


Indra, a leading global technology and consulting company, and Grupo Oesía, a Spanish multinational dedicated to industrial and digital engineering, have each taken a 30% stake in Epicom, a Duro Felguera defence company specialized in cryptographic solutions. SEPI, which holds 40%, has assigned its purchase option in 30% to each company.

This operation strengthens the position of both companies in a critical area for security and defence. It also guarantees national sovereignty in the key capacity of domestic, European and NATO encrypted communications, as well as Epicom’s technological capacity and financial support, thus enabling its stability and growth and protecting strategic capabilities in relation to national security.

The financial strength brought to Epicom by its two new partners will enable it to further its own development of new technologies, such as post-quantum systems, as well as new private-sector markets. Epicom will thus be able to continue to evolve its technological expertise in encryption systems with the highest levels of security.

The entry of Indra and Grupo Oesía in Epicom also contributes to the basic strategy of furthering the consolidation of the domestic defence & security industry in order to generate a strong industrial ecosystem that reinforces competitiveness and national and European technological sovereignty. 

Indra and Grupo Oesía already signed a long-term partnership agreement last July to improve the global offering of critical solutions for the Spanish Armed Forces and Spanish Security Forces and Corps.

Luis Furnells, executive chairman of Grupo Oesía, affirms that “This operation consolidates the national leadership of Oesía Group in the secure communications sector. With Cipherbit, Oesía holds 65% of this market. This operation continues the path of collaboration between the main Spanish companies in the defence sector, which was sealed in the agreement signed with Indra last July.”

For Indra’s CEO, José Vicente de los Mozos, “Indra continues to strengthen its role as a driving force in the defence & security industry in Spain, supporting the growth and competitiveness of the entire industrial ecosystem. To this end, it is necessary to leverage capabilities, such as Epicom’s, which are critical for security and defence in an increasingly digital environment.”

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