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This fall the Biden administration released a remarkable document, “National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality.” Like most government reports it was read by very few, though its effects will be far-reaching. Touted as a groundbreaking report on the subject, its real groundbreaking status is the opposite of what its authors intended: it is the most sexist statement ever written by a presidential administration.

The hubris of the report is made plain on the first page. The authors actually have the audacity to compare their work to that of the Emancipation Proclamation. Their swollen heads are made even more risible when we consider the substance of their remarks. Boys and men don’t count. That is the inescapable conclusion that fair-minded persons will come to after reading this report. In fact, it is not a stretch to say that boys and men are depicted as the enemy, at least indirectly, and it is the job of the federal government to liberate girls and women from them.

In the real world, boys and men are the most likely to be victims of violence, typically victimized by other boys and men. This report, however, has nothing to say about this issue, though it does have much to say about violence. It’s just that the only victims that count are girls and women.

The authors speak passionately about the victim status of women, especially Native American women. They say that they “experience gender-based violence at higher rates.”

But wouldn’t that mean that Native American men are the problem, and wouldn’t that kind of charge have a tinge of racism to it, at least according to those on the Left? The authors get around this by saying that the violence against Native American women is “often perpetrated by individuals who are not Native American.” Often? Are we to believe that white boys are taking Ubers to Indian reservations so they can beat up on their women?

Similarly, we learn that over half of incarcerated women are black and that they represent a “disproportionate share of police arrests and police violence.” This is taken as an example of racism. It never occurs to the authors that these conditions are mostly driven by black women, not the cops, and that their high rate of interactions with the police are a function of the breakdown of the black family.

The sexually challenged—those who falsely claim to be a member of the opposite sex—are assigned a supreme victim status. The report makes mention of “nonbinary people,” when in reality they don’t exist. People are free to imagine anything they want—self-delusion is commonplace—but sentient adults who are honest are not obliged to ratify their beliefs.

As this volume makes clear, the number of sexually challenged persons continues to grow. Hence the acronym LGBTQI+.  

Biden, we know, is okay with boys and girls of the opposite sex showering together in the schools, and that is why this report is so strong on insisting that boys who identify as girls—despite obvious genitalia differences—should be permitted to do so. Boys professing to be girls should also be allowed to compete in girls’ sports.

Biden is more radical in his support for abortion rights now than ever before, and this document proves it. He and his team are prepared to pull out all the legal stops to ensure that the “termination of a pregnancy” is as important a right as freedom of speech. He also wants the public to pay for it.

Girls and women are not only victimized by men: they are victimized by the weather. “Climate change presents unique threats to women, girls, and other underserved populations.” The report cites as an example “extreme heat, air pollution, and infectious disease exposure.” What allows the guys to escape these things is never explained. 

If all of this isn’t enough to call into question the cognitive abilities of Biden and his administration, consider that there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it is boys and men who are the most underserved part of the population. A recent Pew survey found that “Young women are more likely to be enrolled in college today than young men, and among those ages 25 and older, women are more likely than men to have a four-year college degree.”

Pew researchers do not exaggerate when they say that “The implications of the growing gap in educational attainment for men are significant, as research has shown the strong correlation between college completion and lifetime earnings and wealth accumulation.”

Senator Josh Hawley was subjected to howls of protest recently when he called attention to the sorry state of men in society. But he is right. “American men are working less, getting married in fewer numbers; they’re fathering fewer children. They are suffering more anxiety and depression. They are engaging in more substance abuse.”
Biden has thrown men to the curb. Indeed, boys and men don’t count. A more sexist report would be impossible to find.

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William Donohue

William Donohue is the current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the United States, and has held that position since 1993.

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