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Myanmar: Residents Flee Heavy Fighting In Mobye Town, Shan State


Heavy fighting between the Myanmar military and a joint force of anti-regime armed groups including the Karenni Nationalities Defense Force occurred at Mobye town, in southern Shan State’s Pekon Township, over three days beginning February 15.


The military fired heavy weapons and conducted airstrikes during the fighting, destroying three houses in one local ward, residents said.

Some residents have fled to nearby forests for their safety, a resident of Mobye town told DMG.

A clash on Wednesday morning had escalated by the end of the day, according to the resident.

“In the evening, I think, the military fired heavy weapons that hit a house and caught fire. The military bombarded from helicopters and fighter jets. Some houses burnt. People have had to flee homes for their safety,” he said.

More than 10,000 people have taken refuge in nearby forests and monasteries over recent days, according to aid workers for IDPs.


Since fighting is expected to intensify, residents near Mobye town are being told to evacuate their homes, said an official from the KNDF coalition.

“The regime council’s military has been reinforced, so more clashes will occur. We asked Mobye residents to evacuate their homes,” the official said.

On February 17, the military resorted to extreme force during the fighting in Mobye town, including the use of armoured vehicles, tanks and airstrikes.

The military has banned travel along a stretch of road linking Loikaw in Kayah State to Pekon and Mobye in Shan State, according to sources on the ground.


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