Yemen Condemns Al-Jazeera Torture Broadcast


Yemen political and information sources Wednesday denounced Al-Jazeera satellite television station broadcasts “aimed to mislead the audience and deliberately distort” the country’s image,” according to Yemen state news agency SABA.

Speaking to SABA, the sources said that the channel broadcast on Wednesday a video clip showing tortured prisoners in a prison of Iraq, which Al-Jazeera falsely claimed happened in a Yemeni jail.

The sources accused Al-Jazeera of distorting “deliberately and flagrantly the facts and spreading lies and rumors about what is happening in Yemen, including fake resignations of Yemeni diplomats, army commanders and senior officials,” SABA reported.

According to SABA, the sources said that “Yemen reserves the right to prosecute the Al-Jazeera over its hostile activities against Yemen and its unity, security and stability, noting the Al-Jazeera takes the responsibility for violence and bloody events in the country due to its incitement to violence and sedition.”

SABA noted that the Al-Jazeera broadcast showed a video clip in which prisoners were severely beaten by soldiers and claimed that then claimed that the  event took place at the central prison in Sana’a on 06 March 2011.

Nevertheless, the Yemen sources said, according to SABA, that the broadcast images were actually from an Iraqi prison, and that in fact they had been broadcasted on Al-Arabya TV several years ago, which the news agency claimed was posted on YouTube 23 January 2010. That video follows.

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