Malaysia Revolutionizing Vehicle Disposal: JPJ’s Digital Drive – OpEd


Abandoned and derelict vehicles are frequently found in residential areas and along roads in Malaysia. Issues concerning these vehicles are not new, and authorities such as local governments (PBT) are frequently tasked with managing them.

There are several processes that must be followed to manage abandoned and derelict vehicles, but the latest initiative by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) through the Road Transport Department (JPJ) for deregistration online via the e-Dereg system is a wise step towards coordinating and expediting the cancellation of registration and disposal of abandoned vehicles.

To revoke the prior car registration, the owner must be physically present at the nearest JPJ branch, pay off any outstanding car loans, and follow the authorities’ specified procedures. JPJ’s initiative, which involves deregistration of vehicles via digital platform, provides numerous benefits in effectively addressing the problem of abandoned and derelict vehicles.

Vehicle owners can simply access the deregistration process, eliminating the need to visit the nearest JPJ’s office. This not only saves time, but also lowers the complications that can arise with conventional methods. The digital technology also enables real-time monitoring of the application status. Vehicle owners can check the progress of their application at any stage, providing them more insight into the process. In addition, the usage of secure digital platforms improves data and information integrity. This method can significantly reduce the risk of misuse or data leakage with conventional methods.

Once the car is deregistered, it can be disposed of through an authorized channel, specifically at an authorized automotive treatment facility (AATF), which facilitates the disposal and recycling of abandoned and derelict vehicles in accordance with the Department of Environment’s (DOE) requirements.

Owners can find information on the nearest AATF on the DOE website. Overall, the adoption of digital methods in vehicle disposal provides significant benefits in addressing the problem of abandoned and derelict cars. This project will surely improve the overall efficiency, accessibility, and safety of the process, potentially leading our country to an eco-friendly and sustainable vehicles disposal ecosystem. Congratulations, and thank you to MOT and JPJ.

Ahmad Nizam Che Kasim

Ahmad Nizam Che Kasim is a lecturer attached to the Faculty of Business and Communication, Universiti Malaysia Perlis.

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