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Iran Refuses To Recognize US Supreme Court Recent Ruling


Iran’s foreign minister says the country refuses to recognize a recent ruling by the US Supreme Court, which authorizes the transfer of around USD two billion of frozen Iranian assets to the families of the victims of a 1983 bombing in Beirut.

“As we already said, we do not recognize the court’s ruling and the US government knows this well,” he said, adding, “The US knows this well too that whatever action it takes with respect to Iran’s assets will make it accountable in the future and it should return these assets to Iran.”

The tribunal ordered the sum be paid to the families of the victims of the explosion, which targeted a US Marine Corps barracks in the Lebanese capital, and other attacks blamed on Iran.

The assets belong to the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), which have been blocked under US sanctions.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, also said American officials must be “much more proactive” in assuring other countries that they could do business in Iran without risking penalties from the United States.

“We never asked to have access to US financial system,” Zarif said. “What we asked was to implement the nuclear deal, which requires the United States to allow European financial institutions to have peace of mind for dealing with Iran.”

Zarif acknowledged that the Treasury, which oversees the complex rules of American financial sanctions, had taken steps to carry out the nuclear agreement, “but I don’t think it’s enough.”

“They need a much more proactive approach to just letting people know that they won’t be punished for dealing with Iran,” Iran’s foreign minister said.

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5 thoughts on “Iran Refuses To Recognize US Supreme Court Recent Ruling

  • April 23, 2016 at 11:12 am

    I think Iran should agree to pay the 2 billion. Iraq can use the same ruling to ask USA to pay for the victims of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. Americans killed in Lebanon were about 250, and the two billion means each victim will get around 8 million for his or her life. Iraq lost 1.5 million people killed by the US bombing, which amounts to about $12 trillion. The Iraqi mullahs can then pay the Iranian mullahs the two billion. If you think about it carefully, this court ruling is a very bad deal for the USA. If you add other millions of innocent people got killed by US imperialist wars, then USA will be bankrupt completely. it is a very bad deal for USA. Finally, do not underestimate the mullahs of Iran and Iraq, because they are really very powerful if they become serious.

  • April 23, 2016 at 11:44 am


    The 1983 act of bombing was a terrorist act, by Iran. Because Iran was afraid to face another Country face to face… cowards.

    Iraq was a declared war and those people who died, did not have to for Saddam. It was Saddam who wanted to kill his people as he stood zero chance of winning a war with the rest of the known world. (he was found in a hole)

    Yet, Saddam accepted all the death instead of surrendering. He claimed he had WMD and would use them.

    Western Nations can easily just indiscriminately bomb Iranian bases, but would declare war, before hand. If you don’t declare war and pay people to fight your war for you… then expect your money to pay for the damages you are hiding from.

  • April 23, 2016 at 5:03 pm

    Listen, although I agree with the decision being a possible 2 edge sword, I strongly disagree with Mr. Mouhammed statement of warning about the mullahs. “Really very powerful if they become serious”, …. Really?
    One targeted airstrike and no more serious anything. They have a real problem eve finding common ground within their own religion.

  • April 23, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Shyster ambulance chasing lawyers in the US are famous for making things up to steal and enrich themselves. This is no different. So let me get this straight, the US invades another country and the locals attack their troops at their barracks and now a third country that had nothing to do with the attack, has to pay the family of the soldiers! If that’s not a clear case of theft, then what is?

  • April 24, 2016 at 5:11 am

    Strange how the US always finds a reason as to why the US should get some other nations’ assets. When the US shot down an Iranian civilian airliner with all 298 people on board killed, the US paid a few thousand dollars per person in damages. And now it wants $2b for a few Americans? And what about the Cuban airliner that was downed by the US/CIA with all people killed? The US never even acknowledged guilt for its orchestrating that act of terrorism.

    The US supreme court certainly makes it very clear that US lives have one price and everybody else’s life has no price.

    The US killed 2m Iraqis with genocidal sanctions, including 500’000 children. It killed over 2m Iraqis in the two wars on Iraq. The second Gulf war was unprovoked aggression. Iraq has a right to war reparations. Has the US paid even a cent? No of course not. Instead it plundered Saddam’s money and the country in the usual way: destruction of all civilian infrastructure to de-industrialize the country in hope of turning it into a US client state. When Maliki refused to become a US client state, ISIS turned up to justifying ousting Maliki. The US is now fighting the third war in Iraq. How can any nation Iive that way? And surely, no wonder that Iraq turns to Iran and Russia as allies, not the US.

    The US accelerated the opium trade in Afghanistan from which it makes gigantic profits – that money is what pays for most clandestine US special ops destabilizing the Middle East and Africa.

    FIFA may have been corrupt – but way less corrupt than the US government. What the investigation really turns around is to force FIFA to submit to US hegemony and to move its $2b assets into US possession.

    The list goes on. The US exploits other countries for money because its own debt is so extreme that there is a daily danger that the US economy will collapse under the weight of that debt. That is behind most of US foreign policy: maintaining the metro dollar and ripping off whomever they can for money.

    As to the 1983 incident, there is no proof that it was perpetrated by Iran. The US categorically accuses Iran and Russia as villains for everything to hide that the US/CIA and Israel/Mossad did most of the atrocious actions lamented by the US government.

    Iran is right to refuse that judgment. The US supreme court has no jurisdiction to begin with in a case that took place in Lebanon. Ironically, Obama wants to prevent US citizens to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11 but the Supreme Court thinks it is fine for US citizens to sue Iran. Talking about double standards!


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