Jared Kushner Arrives In Middle East Seeking ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’


With no previous diplomatic experience, Jared Kushner has been talking peace in the Middle East. US President Donald Trump’s special adviser, who also happens to be his son-in-law, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a friend of his father, in Jerusalem.

“This is an opportunity to pursue our common goals of security, prosperity and peace,” the Israeli Prime Minister said. “Jared, I welcome you here in that spirit. I know of your efforts, the president’s efforts, and I look forward to working with you to achieve these common goals.”

In a visit lasting just 20 hours, the 36-year-old real-estate developer also met with Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, in Ramallah on the West Bank. This meeting took place after the day’s breaking of the Ramadan fast. Sources from the Palestinian Authority say they had been asked for a list of 12 bullet point demands ahead of the meeting.

Amidst criticism that the Trump administration was oversimplifying a very complex set of issues, the Palestinian Authority is said to have found the bullet points helpful in focusing negotiations on key issues.

Peace a priority for the Trump administration

President Trump has said that peace between Israelies and Palestinians would be the “ultimate deal”, but he’s seeking something that has proved intractable for 70 years. Any solution would require the resolution of thorny issues such as Israeli settlement-building, Palestinian rhetoric. refugees, borders, security, and water resources.

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