Saudi Arabia King’s Efforts To Unite Ummah Applauded


Prominent Muslim organizations and individuals have welcomed Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah’s call to establish a center in Riyadh to promote dialogue between various religious sects and said the move would strengthen Muslim unity.

Several leaders and intellectuals across the world have applauded the king’s proposal, which he made while inaugurating the emergency Islamic Solidarity Summit in Makkah on Aug. 14, 2012.

The proposal enjoys wide acceptance all over the Muslim world. “King Abdullah’s call to establish a center for dialogue between different Islamic sects is a major step toward realizing Muslim unity,” said Jordan’s Communication and Information Minister Sameeh Al-Muaita.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah has presented an effective solution to end the division and disruption in the Islamic world. “In his speech at the Islamic summit, King Abdullah warned against sedition, which has been the main reason for blood-shedding in the Islamic world.

He said King Abdullah’s speech presented a roadmap for Muslim unity. He hoped the Muslim Ummah would accelerate its efforts to implement the king’s proposal.

The chief justice of Jordan, Ahmed Halil, praised King Abdullah’s efforts to unite the Ummah, saying that the action plan presented by the king reflected his sincere desire to protect Muslims from infighting. He added that the establishment of justice would defeat injustice.

He said the proposal to establish the dialogue center would boost Muslim unity.

A number of Tunisian scholars, politicians and academicians also warmly welcomed the king’s proposal. They said the call proves the king’s constant interest in Islam and Islamic solidarity and his will to reinforce Muslim unity.

“We can expect such a call only from a reformist and honest Muslim leader,” said the Grand Mufti of Tunisia Sheikh Osman Batikh. “I hope the proposed center will become a major cause to put an end to discords and divisions among the various Muslim sects,” he said.

Abdul Jaleel Salem, president of Zaitoun University, also welcomed the king’s initiative and said dialogue between the various religious sects is the only way to promote tolerance and coexistence in the community.

Ahmed Muhamed Ali, president of the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank, also commended King Abdullah’s speech at the Makkah summit, urging leaders of Muslim countries to shoulder their responsibilities in confronting the challenges facing the Ummah.

He said the proposed dialogue center would promote understanding and awareness among different sects through constructive dialogue and help find a common ground to address their differences and bring them closer.

“History will record with golden letters this pioneering initiative, which reflect the depth of the king’s insight,” the IDB chief said and noted the Saudi leader’s efforts to promote cultural dialogue at global levels.

Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Abdul Aziz Alghadeer said the call by King Abdullah to establish a dialogue center in Riyadh is the very continuation of his efforts to promote world peace and stability through dialogue. As a result of the Saudi leader’s initiative the King Abdullah International Dialogue Center was set up in Vienna, Austria.

“The king’s call for the Riyadh dialogue center has been widely welcomed and praised by Pakistani officials and intellectuals,” the ambassador added.

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    Being papett of the west is he really sincere.Has he released 30.000 prisoners in Arabia of blind justice


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